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Digital Sizes of Nintendo Switch Games Revealed – Full List Here

Nintendo Switch
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Digital Sizes of Nintendo Switch Games Revealed – Full List Here

Nintendo will be releasing its newest Nintendo Switch console in a few days, and the company released juicy details about its games’ sizes. This is the perfect piece of news as fans need to know just what title to get with the console for its release. After all, this is Nintendo’s first foray into collaborating with third-party developers.

Fans may be excited not just for the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities as a console-handheld hybrid. The fact that the device will also support games from at least 70 developers with big names such as Bethesda and 2K Games is an exciting prospect. Knowing the launch titles’ sizes will be substantial for tech junkies.

The Nintendo Switch will be released this March 3, 2017 along with a few launch games. These include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, teased to be the “prime” Switch entry in the console’s few trailers. Here are the sizes of some of the confirmed titles for the device.

Nintendo Switch: Digital Sizes Revealed

The sizes are courtesy of Nintendo’s official website. Fans who are curious about some of the titles can also read some of the games’ descriptions beside their sizes. Interestingly, much of these games are either ports of hit Nintendo titles, or sequels of their popular franchises.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (13.4GB) is the recent entry in the Zelda franchise, and the first to be fully-open world. The title appears to take the usual Zelda traditions and set it in a new, more realistic environment. The story opens with the hero Link waking up in stasis, only to find the world threatened by the return of the evil that is Ganon. He journeys around a stunning open world.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (7GB) is a port of the popular Nintendo Wii U entry to the Mario Kart franchise. The Switch port, however, will feature all the game’s roads and racers, along with some new faces and environments. It will be interesting to see how the Joy-Con controllers will play out with the title’s mechanics.

Disgaea 5 (5.92GB) is a port of the PlayStation 4 entry of the hit Disgaea franchise. Like with similar Disgaea entries, this particular game takes a swab at the mythologies of various cultures related to the Underworld. The strategy game has a hilarious story about a rebellion. It has a vast array of leveling options and hilarious quips related to anything under the sun.

I Am Setsuna (1.40GB) is a gripping tale of a maiden called Setsuna and her protector. They have to travel a winter-filled land in order to save it against demons. While the game is “sad” in itself, the title offers a nostalgic take on roleplaying games.

More games

Dragon Quest Heroes I – II (32GB) is a compilation of the Dragon Quest Heroes games for the Switch. According to IGN, this is the largest title in the list, considering the Switch only has a 32GB space capability. This means players who want to play the massive title have to buy a separate memory card for it.

Nobunaga’s Ambition (5GB) is a turn-based grand strategy roleplaying game. It chronicles the journey of Nobunaga Oda’s conquest of feudal Japan. The game involves not only wars, but also making sure territories are well-fed and supplied.

Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together! (1.60GB) is one of Nintendo’s more kid-friendly games. Players have to cut paper characters to solve various puzzles within the title. This encourages players to think creatively about getting through each level as they progress.

Puyo Puyo Tetris (1.09GB) is a fun derivative of Tetris that crosses over with the Puyo Puyo series. It has a variety of new rules to the classic game that forces players to rethink their strategies as Tetris fans.

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