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‘Dishonored 2’: 3 Things To Know About Its PC Issues, Plus Tips From Bethesda Softworks



‘Dishonored 2’: 3 Things To Know About Its PC Issues, Plus Tips From Bethesda Softworks

Dishonored 2” from Bethesda Softworks has been suffering from a number of pre-release performance issues for its personal computer (PC) port. Users have taken to posting on the game’s Steam page, Subreddit and Twitter accounts to report on the many issues that they have encountered while playing the stealth action-adventure video game.

Here are three things to know about the PC issues of “Dishonored 2”:

1. “Dishonored 2” players have reported low frame rates during the PC pre-release of the game on Thursday.

Players have experienced low or unstable frame rates while playing the game. This has also been the case even for users that have PCs with high-end specifications, or specs. The culprit seems to be caused when TXAA is enabled, as some have suggested.


2. The game is also suffering from blurry graphics issues.

On the customer reviews area of Dishonored 2’sSteam page, users indicate seeing blurry graphics in the game.

It seems to be rendering at a lower resolution even when Dynamic Resolution is set to 100%. Everything looks blurry, and even with textures on max they are terrible,” Steam user Jinx noted.

Everything about the game is great except its current poorly optimised PC port,” Mystfire, another Steam user, indicated.

“Play this game on console (jokes PC Master Race) or wait for an optimisation patch to fix frequent fps drops, crashes and unoptimised textures that appear somewhat blurry. Will change recommendation after fixes,” Mystfire added.


3. Mouse sensitivity issues have also been reported.

In a game like “Dishonored 2,” mouse sensitivity is important in ensuring that players can look around the environment to avoid enemies and aim properly. Users from the pre-release version of the game have reported experiencing fluctuating mouse sensitivity.


Tips To Fix “Dishonored 2” PC Issues From Bethesda Softworks

In response to these reported issues, Bethesda Softworks has posted some helpful tips and fixes regarding these problems. Among these are general tips such as updating the graphics card drivers and ensuring players have the latest version for their operating system. They have also recommended enabling automatic presets. If performance still doesn’t improve, disabling TXAA Anti-Aliasing and lowering texture details might help. Bethesda also reminded users to take note of their PC’s specs and to not use the “High,” “Very High” or “Ultra” settings if their machines cannot meet the requirements.

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Reporter: Janice Somosot of IBT PH

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