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Dishonored 2 Guide: All of Emily and Corvo’s enhancements and abilities


Dishonored 2 Guide: All of Emily and Corvo’s enhancements and abilities

In Dishonored 2, you can play either Corvo or Emily and have different sets of powers. Each has their respective five unique abilities to take on their enemies. Corvo still has his original powers from Dishonored 1 but the Outsider has bestowed some new ones to him. Aside from their basic powers and abilities, there are also enhancements that complement their other abilities. This Dishonored 2 Guide tells you all about them.

Corvo and Emily share the ability called Dark Vision which enables them to see through walls as well as the directional settings of your enemies and their line of vision. It also tells you if the enemy is aware of your presence or not. Dark Vision has two upgrades: Greater Dark Vision and Premonition

Corvo’s Abilities

Corvo has five unique abilities which complement his strengths. The most common is Blink, which allows him to move at a greater speed which prevents enemies from seeing him. It can also be paired with assassination or choking to kill enemies. Below are four more of his abilities:

Bend Time: Let’s you slow down time.This is ideal in dodging projectiles and attacks which will otherwise kill you. You can also use this to take down multiple enemies.

Devouring Swarm: Summons rats to attack your enemies. It can also prove helpful if you want to remove unwanted corpses along the way.

Possession: Corvo can merge with another living being using this ability. This is put to good use when you want to go around enemy territory fast and undetected. Through this, Corvo can become a fish and be underwater for a much longer period of time. He can also be a rat and go through small holes.

Windblast: Lets you take down multiple enemies in one attack, disrupt them, or throw them off railings. You can also use this to deflect slower projectiles.

Emily’s Abilities

Where Corvo’s abilities complement his strength, Emily’s complements stealth. But don’t be fooled because they are as lethal as Corvo’s.

Domino: Kill multiple enemies with just one blow by using this ability. Domino links the fate of a number of people and whatever you do with one person will affect the others whose fate is linked to him.

Doppelganger: As the name suggests, this ability allows Emily to create her clone and distract enemies by leading them to the wrong one. It is good when the alert level increases because when enemies kill the doppelganger, they will ease up and the alert will be gone.

Far Reach: Grab someone from afar and bring him to you for the final kill

Mesmerize: Lets you conjure up visions for your enemies to confuse them. Then, you can readily kill them in that confused state.

Shadow Walk: Similar to Corvo’s Possession as it allows Emily to pass through small openings. This also allows her to go undetected or move closer to the ground.


Enhancements are supernatural abilities that complement their physical abilities. Through these, their moves become lethal and powerful.

Agility: Allows both characters to jump higher and farther than usual. It also lets you move faster in combat.

Blood Thirst: Increases adrenaline and makes you more brutal and powerful

Bone charm Crafting: Allows you to mix and match bone charms to create new ones.

Reflexes: Allows you to react much faster and block incoming attacks

Shadowkill: Allows you to be both undetected and lethal. This allows you to kill the enemy and clean up the mess effectively.

Strength: Gives you more power and allows you to throw objects much farther and render blows much stronger.

Vitality: Gives you more health to survive attacks and damages much longer.


Photo Courtesy: psyounger/Flickr

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