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Dishonored 2 Guide: What You Should Know Before Playing New Game Plus Mode

Dishonored 2 Guide
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Dishonored 2 Guide: What You Should Know Before Playing New Game Plus Mode

Learn what type of items would be carried over in the New Game Plus mode in this Dishonored 2 Guide!

The latest update in Dishonored 2 featuring the New Game Plus mode has already been implemented recently. For those who had already finished the game, there are some things to consider before jumping straight into the New Game Plus mode.

Dishonored 2 Guide: type of items that don’t carry over in the New Game Plus mode

Unfortunately, Coins and Bonecharms won’t make it to your inventory in a New Game Plus. The same thing goes for all those unspent Whalebones and Runes.

Here is something to do to prevent from wasting them. If you can’t use them, spend them! Here is one good way to do so. Late in the game, invest in the Bonecharm Crafting. Then upgrade them to Craft Runes. Make sure to do this to every B0necharm in your inventory. The same thing could be done for those Whalebones, use them all to craft Runes.

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However, be aware that Rune Crafting is somewhat costly in Runes, requiring nine Runes in order to upgrade it. This might lead into an awkward moment, where one would have an odd number of Runes that they couldn’t spend during their saved game near the end.

What are the things that would be carried over in the New Game Plus mode

Perhaps the best thing the New Game Plus mode has is having all of the character abilities unlocked. This is also regardless of the character you had selected in finishing the game. This also gives players the convenience of not having to start from scratch in the event that decided to switch playing to Emily or Corvo in their next playthrough. Take note, however, the you would only regain all of your powers when you reach Chapter 2 again.

Another thing that gets carried over a New Game Plus are the Blueprints, which are unlocked at the Black Market.

The items and features that could be carried over in the next game were also mentioned in the Eurogamer. The game updates that includes the New Game Plus has also been reported in The Christian Times.

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