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Dishonored 2 Tips: Where to find all the Bone Charms at the Edge of the World and the Good Doctor


Dishonored 2 Tips: Where to find all the Bone Charms at the Edge of the World and the Good Doctor

Bone charms are wild objects that can be crafted together with a raw whalebone to give your character additional bonuses and customize various abilities. They are located throughout the map, and its general location can be detected using the heart. This Dishonored 2 tips and strategies tell you where to find all the bone charms.

Edge of the World

There’s a total of 6 bone charms here:

First: An apartment found on the right of the Wall of Light before reaching the canal. Go to the second floor and pick the bone charm on the floor.

Second: At the Black Market on the second floor. You’ll be able to get it after destroying the nest.

Third: Use Blink or Far Reach to jump from the Overseer building to a roof with a dead body. Get the bone charm beside the corpse near the bloodflies.

Fourth: Get out of the Overseer building to locate another bone charm. Use Blink or Far Reach again to get it right beside a rune on a table behind the Overseers. Climb on the table to retrieve it.

Fifth: The Interrogation Room has a corrupted bone charm in it. Get the key from the room to the right with an Overseer standing on guard nearby.

Sixth: Find the last bone charm hidden in a giant safe at the main hall of the Winslow Safe Company. The key to the safe changes every gameplay.

The Good Doctor

First: Find a pipe behind you under the walkway. There’s a bone charm hidden below on the platform. Blink or Far Reach to take it.

Second: Go to the third floor of the Recuperation Room. Open the Iron Lung and crawl into a dilapidated room where a bone charm awaits you.

Third: Blink or Far Reach to the topmost roof of the same building to get the black bone charm inside a bird’s nest.

Fourth: Get a corrupted bone charm near Dr. Hypatia’s lab


Photo Courtesy: sohoodgames/Flickr

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