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Dishonored 2 Update Adds New Game Plus Mode

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Dishonored 2 Update Adds New Game Plus Mode

Dishonored 2 has been updated recently with a New Game Plus Mode, quick-access wheel option, improved features, and fixed bugs.

It’s only been around a month since the game was released for all platforms, yet a new update is already on its way. The following are the additions and changes implemented in the game since the arrival of the patch.

New additional features

The most notable addition to the game is the New Game Plus mode. A New Game Plus mode adds a great replay value to any story-driven game. Just like any other New Game Plus mode, the players get to carry over most of the items they had from the first playthrough. Specifically, they get to keep the Bonecharm traits and runes they had acquired.

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Another notable addition to the game is quick-access wheel feature, which gives players quick access to their powers and weapons. This makes combat more convenient.

Improved features in the game

Several changes had also been made in the game for a more smooth gameplay. Now, killing an enemy with their own bullet is much more reliable. The refill speed from mana potions has also been improved, but it now also depends on the game’s difficulty if one would have such better refill speed.

Loading screens for the PC also look clearer now, thanks to the mouse cursor being hidden unlike before. Now players could just press any key to continue, as reported in the PC Gamer website.

However, the feature that allows players to select the levels they had already finished once won’t be implemented until the next patch in January, according to Game Spot,

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