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Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Characters Joined By FF9’s Kuja

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade
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Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Characters Joined By FF9’s Kuja

Square Enix is happy to report that Kuja from Final Fantasy IX will be included in Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade as one of its stunning roster of characters.

Kuja In Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

Kuja will be representing Final Fantasy IX alongside Zidane in the game. The character is an antagonist in the ninth installment of Final Fantasy. He used to work in Queen Brahne of Alexandria’s shadow. Kuja aims to take the power of eidolons to rule Gaia. In addition, this powerful sorcerer roams around riding a silver dragon.

Kuja’s main identifier is his silver hair that flows halfway down his back. Furthermore, his hair is dressed with a large blue feather which matches the color of his blue eyes. Next, the violet mantle on his shoulders adds to the regal stature of this character. Additionally, the character changes his clothes when he enters Trance. His regal, refined stature hides his narcissistic, and scheming nature as a sadistic war-bringer.

The origins of his narcissistic personality is quite uncommon. Kuja’s cultured character shifted to lunacy when he discovered his destiny as a mortal. He believes that humanity should not continue normally without him. Meanwhile, gamers can take on Kuja in Pandemonium at the boss level while he spawns in Memoria as a Trance.

What Is Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade?

The game is unique due to its arcade platform. The reboot of the original Dissidia Final Fantasy features a three-on-three combat feature that is unique to its predecessors. The game originally included 13 main heroes which includes Y’shtola. Meanwhile, Square Enix mentioned that they plan to add a total of 50 characters including Ramza Beoulve. Some of the characters that are in the game are Garland, Firion, Warrior of Light, Cecil Harvey, and Onion Knight.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is based on the story of Cosmos and Chaos, who were locked in a conflict with World B. As the war comes to an end, ten warriors of Cosmos retaliate to the minions of Chaos. The leader attempts to search for ten crystals that will be their key to defeat Chaos.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade is now available on PlayStation 4. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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