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Donald Trump Son Barron May Be Autistic, May Not Move into White House


Donald Trump Son Barron May Be Autistic, May Not Move into White House

There are rumors centering on Donald Trump son reportedly being autistic. People are noticing Barron Trump’s restlessness during his father’s election campaign which often required the child to make public appearances. He was found hugely tired and noticeably restless at these times.

All the footages have led to speculation on Donald Trump son autism and the reports are spreading like wildfire. Parent Herald has reported that the President’s 10-year-old son may actually be autistic after noticing how continually restless he was during the entire election campaign.

This has also been noticed by several people even though Donald and Melania Trump have not admitted to the same yet. Barron has been described as a regular kid by Melania in her interviews. She has described him as eager to build helicopters and also as a very good learner.

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Donald Trump has earlier tweeted on his reluctance to inject huge vaccine doses to children. The reason given by Trump was that these often lead to children having autism. These tweets are now being re-examined by the public and have also added fuel to the rumors of Barron being autistic.

Barron Trump Autistic?

While nothing has been confirmed of the rumors about Barron Trump being autistic, many questions whether Donald’s rejections of vaccines is because of its effect on his son. Nonetheless, everything are still speculations.

Notably though, Barron Trump will also not join his father in the White House. This is another development that has sparked these rumors. Trump’s wife Melania and Barron may continue to reside at their old home. Melania is not prepared to shift to a new home yet as per sources.

Barron is expected to continue staying in the Trump Towers since both his parents are against any drastic changes. Barron will go to his same school and will not have to face any immediate changes in his own environmental.

It may well be possible that Barron Trump’s restlessness is only from anxiety and tiredness. And whether he has autism or not, it is not a cause for concern as some of the most brilliant minds in the world are autistic.

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