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Dota 2 Update Adds New Character Monkey King: Skills & Abilities Here

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Dota 2 Update Adds New Character Monkey King: Skills & Abilities Here

Dota 2 has added another playable character in the latest patch, as well as some extra features, and a few changes in the game. The latest patch for the Defense Of The Ancients 2 is 7.00, which has already been implemented in test servers, and is expected to hit actual game servers by tomorrow.

Dota 2 7.00 New Character: Monkey King

The most notable addition to the latest patch of the Defense Of The Ancients 2 is a new playable character, the ‘Monkey King’ Sun Wukong.

Monkey King is based on the Chinese mythological figure of the same name, who is the main character for the classic novel Journey to the West. Anyone who is into Japanese Anime would also be familiar with the character from the classic novel as some the character had been adapted in several shows, such as Monkey Magic, Monkey Typhoon, and even Dragon Ball, to name a few.

Sun Wukong is an Agility Hero. His Roles are Melee / Carry / Escape / Disabler. The following are his abilities in-game:

  1. Boundless Strike: Physical A.O.E. with Stun and Critical.
  2. Tree Dance: Climbs up a tree to gain passive abilities, as well as an active ability, ‘Primal Spring’.
  3. Primal Spring: Only usable after Tree Dance; channeled skill that does A.O.E. damage and adds slow effect.
  4. Jingu Master: Passive ability that enhances base damage and adds life steal.
  5. Mischief: Mobile Stealth ability.

Characters also now have talents, as well as talent trees, according to the PC Gamer website.

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Patch 7.00 Major Updates

  1. Backpack: this neat new feature now grants players 3 extra slots. Items in the backpack, however, cannot be used. This includes items that grants passive skills. The main purpose of this is to carry around recipe items with less hassle.
  2. Shrine: this new type of building has an ability that gives out 120 HP and 40 MP regen for 5 seconds.

The leveling system in Dota 2 has been changed also, according to the iTech Post website. Bonus attributes are no longer present, and instead have now been replaced by talents.

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