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Double Dragon 4 PS4 Release Date Set For January 2017 – Details Here

Double Dragon 4 PS4

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Double Dragon 4 PS4 Release Date Set For January 2017 – Details Here

Double Dragon 4 PS4 and PC set to launch early next year. A trailer and details have also been provided!

This is great news for retro game fans, especially from those of the third generation era. How time flies, as the beat ’em up classic marks its 30th anniversary this 2017.

The very first Double Dragon was for the arcade during 1987, but it wasn’t until the release of the NES port the following year that the beat ’em up game gained popularity. Since then, Double Dragon has spawned several spin-offs, ports, and re-releases.

The upcoming game is numbered the 4th, where it appears to have been skipped despite a 5th Double Dragon. Super Double Dragon for the Super NES could then be considered the 4th before. But it could be considered the 5th right now, and Double Dragon 5 should be entirely disregarded. The “4th” Double Dragon takes place after the events of Double Dragon 2.

Double Dragon 4 PS4 and PC Release Date

Mark your calendars, as the game is set for release for the PlayStation 4 on January 30, 2017, or early next year. PC owners shouldn’t worry about the release date for the PC, as it would be available for Steam 31st of January, just a day after the PS4 release!

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Double Dragon 4 Graphics and Gameplay

The graphics for Double Dragon 4 have been rendered exactly the same way to the NES games. This gives the game quite a nostalgic vibe and really caters to the original fans of the series.

The same thing could be said gameplay wise, where it would still be a side-scrolling beat ’em up, just like in the NES. Aside from the Story mode, the Duel mode from the NES version of the first game appears to be back. It is still unconfirmed if players would be able to select different characters from each other this time around. The players would most likely be given an option to hit and hurt each other again in Story mode.

Other game details

Since Tecmo is already long gone, the game is being handled by Arc System Works this time around, which is famous for the Guilty Gear series. The official website for Double Dragon 4 PS4 and PC is also accessible for English speakers as well.

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