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Double Dragon 4 Release Date: Duel Mode, Co-Op & More

Double Dragon 4
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Double Dragon 4 Release Date: Duel Mode, Co-Op & More

Arc System Works launched an official website for Double Dragon 4. The site revealed a lot about the game including the different modes of gameplay.

Double Dragon 4 Details

Arc System Works announced their plans to release Double Dragon 4 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series. Even more, the fourth installment of the Double Dragon games will continue the saga of its predecessors. Aside from the plans, the website for Double Dragon 4 revealed a timeline that informs players where the co-op brawler will fit in the series’ canon.

Moreover, the timeline is led by Double Dragon and other games in the series. The game follows the story of Billy and Jimmy’s mission to rescue Marian. Secondly, Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stones follows the timeline, wherein Marian is kidnapped once again. In essence, the protagonists must unravel the Egyptian curse to help Marian escape.

Next, Double Dragon II: The Revenge follows the story of Marian’s death. Chiefly, the Black Warriors straight up captured and killed the character, forcing Billy and Jimmy to avenge her death. Now, players are taken to a new game with Marian out of the picture.

Billy And Jimmy Are Back In The 4th Game

However, the new website did not reveal enough details about the fourth installment of the Double Dragon franchise. Billy and Jimmy will be back, taking with them plenty of memorable Black Warriors.

Furthermore, it seems alternative protagonists such as Chin Seimei, and Yagyu Ranzou will not be included in the game. The good news is there is a scene showing Billy and Jimmy travelling to San Francisco. This is a new world in the game. In addition, the site revealed that there will be different game modes available to cater to every player’s preference. The game modes are Story Mode, the original playable version of the game.

Next, Duel Mode changes the format and transitions to a fighting mode. This mode unlocks new characters, including the bulky behemoth named Abobo. Lastly, Tower Mode lets the players climb a tower, which unlocks new characters along the way.

The game is currently under development for PC and PlayStation 4. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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