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Dragon Quest 11 3DS & PS4 Update: First Look At New & Unused Characters

Dragon Quest 11 3DS
Image Screengrabbed from: Youtube / ゲーム動画


Dragon Quest 11 3DS & PS4 Update: First Look At New & Unused Characters

In line with Dragon Quest 11 3DS and PS4 updates, new Dragon Quest designs were revealed to the public.

Character designer for the game, Akira Toriyama, shared a few of the designs he made for the enemy monsters in the game. However, Akira Toriyama scrapped these designs and gave no specific reason as to why they were not included.

Take a look at these designs, namely:

Arthur Sion / Arthursion
Hentekorino (Note that Henteko in English translates to ‘weird’)
Boss #2

Other Dragon Quest 11 3DS & PS4 Updates

Aside from the change in graphics, Dragon Quest 11 3DS and PS4 will have a different musical score. Musical composer Koichi Sugiyama said in an interview that though both platforms will have the same themes, the arrangements between the two will be different.

Square Enix’s longest running Role-Playing Game series announced that it will cater to both consoles and will also be playable on Nintendo Switch. Many saw this move as a great idea for pushing Nintendo’s upcoming console which the gaming company seems to be focusing on.

The previous game was available on the Wii U and helped boost in marketing the console. With this move on Switch, it seems like Nintendo aims to reel in players to use their new console as well.

Known to be a hand held game, the Switch is also plugged into the TV. In addition, games played on the Switch is also shared via a network or wireless communication.

Dragon Quest XI is set for release in Japan around 2017. Watch the video below to see the talented crew of Dragon Quest working behind the scenes on the upcoming game and giving fans a tease of what the gameplay looks like.

To check out the unused character designs by Akira Toriyama, you can view them here.

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