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Dragon Quest 3DS & PS4 Reveal More Details On Setting & Characters

Dragon Quest 3DS


Dragon Quest 3DS & PS4 Reveal More Details On Setting & Characters

Square Enix has released more details on the 11th Dragon Quest 3DS and PS4 versions.

The 11th entry of in the main series of the long running Japanese Role Playing Game so far looks quite promising. Aside for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo DS versions, Dragon Quest XI is also being developed for the upcoming Nintendo Switch. Here are some things that have been revealed with upcoming Dragon Quest XI.

Dragon Quest XI for the PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 version of Dragon Quest 11 would take advantage of the high specs of the console by providing a more lush and detailed environment. The PlayStation 4 version is said to use the Unreal Engine 4 game engine. The High Definition graphics are guaranteed to immerse players in the fantasy world of Lotozetasia.

Dragon Quest 3DS Version

Most would just assume the Nintendo 3DS version to be merely a downgraded handheld version of the PlayStation 4 version. However, this isn’t the case, as the Nintendo 3DS version had some interesting quirks under its sleeve. The Nintendo 3DS version would take advantage of its dual screen function. This is by rendering the game on 3D on the top screen, and the classic 2D on the lower screen! However, it turns out that this is only early on in the game as reported, as the player still gets to choose which mode they prefer later on in the game.

While the PlayStation 4 focuses on eye candy, the 3Ds version, aside from being handheld, offers a unique quirk which seems even more appealing to long time fans of the series. The very first Dragon Quest was released way back in the NES, and the 2D mode is designed to give some players a nostalgic feeling.

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Dragon Quest XI for the Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest XI has been confirmed under development right now for the upcoming Nintendo Switch. However, no details have been released yet. It is safe to assume it would take advantage of the unique quirks the Nintendo Switch has to offer.

Dragon Quest XI Characters, Setting, and Gameplay

Three main characters have been revealed so far, one of which is the ‘unnamed’ 16-year-old hero whom the player names and assume the role of.  There is also Camus, a thief who is confirmed to be a party member. Finally, Emma is the childhood friend of your character and born the same day as him. Aside from an obvious major role in the plot, she would most likely be a part of the party as well.

The game is set in the world of Lotozetasia. Both the 11th Dragon Quest 3DS and PS4 versions bearing the same setting, characters, and storyline. Additionally, the battle system would also be a traditional turn-based one.

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