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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 PC Confirmed: Features, What To Expect

Dragon Quest Heroes 2
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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 PC Confirmed: Features, What To Expect

Fans of the hit Dragon Quest franchise will get one of its latest games on another platform, as Dragon Quest Heroes 2 will finally get its own PC port. This puts the Square Enix-Omega Force collaboration to a new light.

Released last May 2016, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 celebrates the series’ 30th Anniversary. The title was originally released for the PlayStations 3, 4 and Vita. It will also be part of the release titles of the Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is the second entry in the spin-off franchise of the hit roleplaying game (RPG) series. However, unlike the sheer tactical prowess of the classic RPG, Omega Force’s involvement gave it the hack-and-slash flair its franchise is best known for. This allowed players to choose from 13 playable classes, each with their weapons and skills similar to Omega Force’s Dynasty Warriors franchise, albeit with a Dragon Quest twist.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2: PC Release Details

The news of a PC release was confirmed in a blog post on Square Enix’s official website. Dan Seto, the community manager of the company’s Japanese studio, gave more details to the impending release. Gamers from North America will be able to enjoy the title on April 25, with European gamers getting access to the port by April 27.

This is on top of its upcoming PlayStation 4 release on April 25, 2017. The news sets up the hype for the series on an entirely new level. Square Enix was sure to cement this by releasing a new overview trailer as well.

The new trailer puts players up to speed by letting them know just what is happening in the game’s Seven Realms. Seto said the game can support up to “four multiplayer channels.” This is apt for the game’s application of Omega Force’s Musou mechanics, as in pitting players versus wave after wave of enemies and bosses.

Updates, Features

Game Rant explains a few of the title’s other features as well. The world is not entirely open, but it does have plenty of interconnected environments. This allows players to have some form of depth to explore, especially since the game’s lore is deep and enormous.

The game also boasts a form of “fast-paced customizable combat,” the extent of which was not explained. However, players are also intrigued with what is known as the Explorers Edition of the game. Buying this will include a fully reversible cover and a special inlay.

Fans of Dragon Quest who are into the game’s lore will see that this particular edition will look like the game’s Adventurers Logbook. It will also have 15 downloadable content (DLC) weapons such as the Robo-Bow and the Golem Gauntlets. Gamers curious about these pieces of equipment can look at the announcement blog, as linked above.

Unfortunately, fans of the franchise may opt to play the PC or the PlayStation 4 version instead of the much-hyped Nintendo Switch version. As revealed previously, the game takes up 32GB of the Switch’s disk space, which is more than its internal memory. This means Switch players may want to buy a separate SD card to support the game.

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