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Dragon Quest Universal Studios Theme Park To Open In 2017

Dragon Quest
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Dragon Quest Universal Studios Theme Park To Open In 2017

Universal Studios Japan will face an enormous undertaking as they start working on the first Nintendo amusement park. The theme park will feature the world of Dragon Quest as seen in the well-loved video games.

The studio announced the project last Monday. They will be partnering with Square Enix to open Dragon Quest: The Real to commemorate the game’s 30th anniversary. Moreover, it will be available for a limited time on March 17, 2017.

What to Expect

Guests will be given the opportunity to join in battles with dragons that have been seen in the video games. The company aims to build the attraction as close to the Dragon Quest titles as possible.

Furthermore, the amusement park will feature cities that guests can explore. In addition, The production company plans to design replicas of famous places in the franchise. They wanted it to be as authentic as possible, something that the fans will definitely love.

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Other Titles Joining The Nintendo-themed Amusement Park

Universal Studios Japan will unveil other titles soon. Included in the roster is Godzilla: The Real 4d. Even more, Godzilla fans will see Toho kaiju once the theater-style venue opens in early 2017.

Square Enix is a proud producer of the Dragon franchise created in 1986. Furthermore, the title became one of the most popular role-playing games in Japan, reaching worldwide sales of 65 million.

Universal Studios had a number of well-known theme parks under its wing. Harry Potter and Jurassic Park are some of the well-known titles that the studios succesfuly transformed into a theme park. Even more, the company was very successful in creating the parks as close to the entertainment titles as possible. Ultimately, the fans are confident that they will give justice to the Dragon franchise as well.

Meanwhile, it was announced that there will be an area dedicated for Nintendo in the theme park. Super Nintendo World will feature well-known heroes and antagonists from the Nintendo games. In addition, Super Mario is confirmed to appear in the theme park 2020. These attractions are made just in time for the olympics that will be held in Tokyo the same year. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic for more updates on video games, tech and more.

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