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Duggar Family News: Facts & Pics Of Michelle & Jim Bob’s 20th Child

Duggar family
Wikimedia Commons/en: Jim Bob Duggar


Duggar Family News: Facts & Pics Of Michelle & Jim Bob’s 20th Child

The latest Duggar Family news reveals that a 20th child has been added to the family. Before you think any further, Jim Bob and Michelle have taken permanent custody of a child. The new child is the couple’s great nephew.

Duggar family rumors have it that the child’s mother could not take care of him properly. He has joined the family permanently as a result. The Duggar parents originally possessed temporary custody over the boy. However, they have now garnered official guardianship as per reports.

Duggar rumors are highlighting how the couple is staying silent on the new development. The boy’s mother is Rachel Hutchins who is Michelle’s niece. Hutchins has reportedly been through umpteen financial blows and scandals. She has also been involved in run-ins with the law several times.

This is the time that Michelle and Jim Bob received guardianship over her child. The name of the boy has not been revealed as of yet. Inquisitr reports that both Jim Bob and Michelle are over the moon with this new addition to the family.

Is The 20th Child Welcome at Home? 

Sources have stated that the boy is being made to feel at home by the couple. He is also treated like one of their own children at home. The other Duggar kids have also made him feel really welcome. The Duggar family currently has 16 children living at home while four are married and live elsewhere.

Love love love❤

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This new development certainly quells rumors of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar filling for divorce. In reality, they couldn’t be happier and the couple has already refuted all divorce rumors.

Jessa Duggar is already pregnant while Jill is also trying. Jinger Duggar may also have a baby soon and the family will only keep growing in the future. In Touch has also confirmed rumors of a 20th child being added to the Duggar family.

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