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Dynasty Warriors 9 PS4 Confirmed: Here’s What To Expect

Dynasty Warriors 9


Dynasty Warriors 9 PS4 Confirmed: Here’s What To Expect

Dynasty Warriors 9 has been recently announced for the PlayStation 4; new game mechanics, as well as new playable characters are confirmed to be in the upcoming sequel.

The 9th installment in the long-running ‘musou‘ series was first announced during a “Greatest Games Lineup in History” broadcast by Atsushi Morita, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia, followed by the Japanese and Western branches of Koei Tecmo.

Dynasty Warriors 9 change in gameplay

The major difference from the previous titles would be the implementation of an open world system. While the trademark ‘musou‘ gameplay or a ‘one man army versus a battalion’ still remains, the inclusion of an open world system is a welcome addition to the game. Now players would have the freedom and luxury of traversing mainland China during the Three Kingdoms era where the gameplay takes place.

Omega Force implemented the new mechanic because they are getting tired of the same thing in the long running series. Now, players are expected to be exploring areas ranging from peaceful villages to bandit-ridden valleys. Famous locations that also served as battle grounds are expected to be in the game where the big time clashes would occur.

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Omega Force had also stated that the traditional controls for the game would be replaced. This is a downside for longtime players, unless it gets replaced with a much better control system.

Confirmed Playable Characters

Great news for everyone, as all 83 characters from the first to the latest are present in the latest incarnation. New characters are also expected, with only one confirmed so far, Zhou Cang. While present in the previous games, this is the first time he becomes playable, as confirmed in the Crunchy Roll website. He would also be playable in the upcoming Musou Stars.

The announcement for Dynasty Warriors 9 has also been confirmed by the VG 24/7 website.

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