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E3 2017 Will Be Open To Public, Ticket Sales Begin Next Week

E3 2017


E3 2017 Will Be Open To Public, Ticket Sales Begin Next Week

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2017 is an eagerly awaited event for gamers this year. The organizers have now announced that the 2017 edition will be open for the public. This news has sparked widespread excitement amongst fans.

Enthusiasts can buy tickets which will be available for sale by next Monday onwards. There are 15,000 public tickets for E3 2017, and thus, there is going to be a huge rush for tickets as anticipated by the organizers. This is easily the biggest gaming event of the year and this latest development only makes it better!

E3 2017 is expected to feature several surprise revelations from leading game publishers and developers. There should also be various special previews into upcoming games, according to Game Rant.

What Else Should You Know 

The Entertainment Software Association organizers made this announcement sometime back. These tickets will provide access to panel discussions, the show floor and a lot more. The event is happening between the 13th and 15th of June, 2017. The Los Angeles Convention Center is the venue for this year.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo debuted in 1995 for providing a proper gaming-focused platform to exhibitors. 50,000 individuals attended this event and this increased to 70,000 in the year 1998.

2017’s event is the very first time that the organizers are allowing public access. Earlier editions have always allowed the press and industry professionals to attend. However, the public could still preview upcoming games at last year’s sister event named E3 Live. This event took place only a few blocks away from the actual E3 2016 event.

The decision to allow fans into the event is indicative about the growing anticipation relating to the industry. E3 is one of the biggest promotional platforms for big game releases anyway. Ergo, the entry of the public gives exhibitors a chance to reach out to the masses and will thus impact sales volumes as a result.

Will E3 Transform Into a Public Event?

Fans will relish the prospect of attending the event as well. This is the first pivotal step where E3 converts into a fan expo from a solid industry event. In case it becomes a public event, there will be stiff competition from the PlayStation Experience and Penny Arcade Expo.

Tickets are priced at $250 for all three days of E3 2017. People willing to book their tickets early can also save on the ticket prices. Initial prices will be set at $150 on account of the early bird discount exclusively for Monday, the 13th of February, according to Polygon.

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