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EA Play 2017 Announced: Where & What To Expect

EA Play 2017
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EA Play 2017 Announced: Where & What To Expect

EA Play 2017 has just been announced officially. Electronic Arts has announced its pre-Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event for 2017. The official dates for the event are also available now.

EA Play 2017 is taking place between the 10th and 12th of June which covers the weekend and Monday. This is just before E3 is slated to start. Venues are also being shifted for the event.

EA Play 2017 will now be held at the Hollywood Palladium as per Gamespot. This is approximately 20-30 minutes away from the E3 event. The 2016 event took place in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

More on the Event

The event will also get live streaming on the EA official website. The event in 2016 was considered a path breaker for the company. Electronic Arts chose to let go of its demarcated space at E3.

Instead, it launched its own exclusive event which remained partly open to the public. E3 is always considered an event only for the media and industry players. There was a press conference held by EA last year where new games were announced as well.

However, EA allocated the remaining time for enabling hands-on experiences with its new releases. There is no official information on what exactly Electronic Arts is planning to reveal in 2017. However, the format from last year should remain as per sources.

Polygon reports that EA is not opting for its booth at E3 for the second year running. The EA event is being considered as an exciting build-up to E3 2017 itself by many. An official press release has been unveiled by EA.

What the Press Release Confirms

This states that the event in 2017 will link fans globally to “EA’s biggest new games”. This is being ensured through “community content, competitions and more”. Live broadcasts are also being included in the package.

The event will feature hands on gameplay in addition to live entertainment. Fans will witness more of the latest game releases. They will also be able to access live streams remotely.

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