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Elder Scrolls Online Update: Vvardenfell Island May Be Next Location

Elder Scrolls Online Update
Screengrab from BethesdaSoftworksUK/YouTube

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Elder Scrolls Online Update: Vvardenfell Island May Be Next Location

Elder Scrolls Online fans are in for a treat. It appears Bethesda Softworks is teasing a completely new area in the game.

Fans will already be engulfed in the wealth of lore inside the MMO. Despite bleak ratings, the breadth of missions and cooperative gameplay in the game is astounding. This is why hardcore fans were surprised to find hidden secrets in some game files as well.

People may consider The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind to be the best game in the entire franchise so far. Fans may finally see the region in the game.

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Elder Scrolls Online: Enter Morrowind

Morrowind’s main landmass, Vvardenfell, is perhaps one of the most unique in the entire Elder Scrolls universe. It has very harsh landscapes, ranging from deserts to swamps. The rain is heavy and the commune is bleak and a bit depressing. The adventures in the area are always dark, and it has this Diablo-esque feel to it.

It may make sense why this is not in the game so far. The Elder Scrolls Online has so far used landmasses in Tamriel that connect with the story they have thus far. However, Reddit user FloorBelow saw a “map” of the area within the game files.

The tilesets appear to be in areas such as Vivec, Hlaalu, the Dwemer ruins and Telvanni.

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What Does it Have?

A size comparison of the area appears to be comparative to the region of Wrothgar and Stonefalls. he said this may be the biggest PvE zone he saw so far. As per his own image analysis, The Red Mountain, another inaccessible zone, may just be under twice the size of the area. Players may click on the map below for a larger image.

However, there’s no telling whether or not we may actually see Vvardenfell in The Elder Scrolls Online. After all, a lot of games may have files inside them that they never eventually use.

Still, it’s a strong chance that the game may attract more players if the area is unlocked. After all, Morrowind remains to still have a huge fanbase.

Elder Scrolls Online

Image Source: Reddit

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