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Empire Season 3 Spoilers: Nessa Sabotages Tiana As Top Performer

Empire Season 3
Image Source: @EmpireFOX Twitter Account


Empire Season 3 Spoilers: Nessa Sabotages Tiana As Top Performer

Empire Season 3 spoilers are out as seen on the show’s promo videos. A furious battle ensues between Nessa and Tiana.

Andre struggles with the death of his wife, Rhonda, who died in the beginning of Season 3 when she fell off of a balcony in the middle of a fight with Anika. The musical drama TV show couple had been in an argument before Rhonda’s demise as they mourn the death of their unborn son. Despite the grief, Andre is developing a relationship with Nessa.

Empire Season 3

Image Source: Screen grab from @EmpireFOX Twitter Account

Empire Season 3 Episode 8 Spoilers

With all the struggles, Andre now deviates from his Christian path. He has become involved in treacherous things like Lucious’ feud with Shine. An episode 8 trailer shows Cookie being concerned for Andre amid his new temperament.

Fans know that Rhonda was in charge when she was still alive. She makes sure that Andre, who suffers from bipolar disorder, takes his medication and pays attention to his mental health. In the short promo video, Andre talks about how Rhonda took care of him with Nessa but she says that she won’t do the same.

The episode will also focus on Andre as he makes a dirty effort to help Nessa. In another short, Empire Season 3 Episode 8 shows that Nessa plans to take over Tiana’s spot as the top female performer at Empire Records. She attempts to sabotage the singer to initiate the rivalry. This later upsets the sweet and mild-tempered Tiana as Nessa “accidentally” sets her dress on fire.

Empire Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Back in episode 7, Nessa unexpectedly arrived while Andre was in a conference call. She invited him to come to the annual memorial for Stone. After accepting the invitation, Andre told Shine to trust that he could take care of things as Shine complained about the attitude of Freda Gatz.

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Meanwhile, Tariq works with Leah in order to bring down Lucious, and Jamai works with Philip to get over his trauma.

The cast also talked about Lucious and Anika’s marriage. In the show’s Episode 7, Anika caught Lucious checking her out while she gets dressed. Gealey says that she has found a way in with Lucious and will use that to her advantage in the next episode.

With only one episode before the Finale, will a boiling feud between Nessa and Tiana happen? Catch the eighth episode, The Unkindest Cut on Wednesday, December 7 at 9PM on Fox. This may be also viewed live online through Fox Now.

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