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Epitasis Game Art, Gameplay & What To Expect

Epitasis Game

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Epitasis Game Art, Gameplay & What To Expect

Looking for a new game filled with puzzles and exploration? Here is a comprehensive rundown of the Epitasis gamea new title by Lucas Govatos.

About the Epitasis Game

Epitasis is a puzzle based game. The player is tasked to solve cryptic puzzles, and look for relics. The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4. Furthermore, it will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Developed by Lucas Govatos, it is based on titles such as Obduction and Fez, and Myst. The developer created Epitasis based on past projects that the independent Maryland studio created. Meanwhile, some of the games under Govatos’ belt are Elder Scrolls, Relics of Ra, and Halo. 

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Surprisingly, the puzzle-based title is originally meant to be a horror game. Moreover, Govatos left the project for several months to work on other titles. The developer went back to the creation phase after travelling to Costa Rica. Govatos mentioned in his blog that an idea bubble sparked when he visited his high school’s art gallery.

Govatos gained inspiration from the color, feeling of exploration, and the wilderness of Costa Rica. Furthermore, he crafted Epitasis while finishing his degree in Computer Science.

Epitasis Game Influences

Tyco is also one of the influences of the puzzle-based game. Govatos said that music “transported him” to another place. Some of the notable influences of Tyco in his work is the giant planetary ball in the game. In addition, this is based on the artist’s cover art for the “Dive” album.

Meanwhile, the developer also mentioned the work of another artist: Washed Out is an artist that works with soundscapes. The fusion of Tyco and Washed Out emanates the feeling of calm, which was evident in the game. In addition, Lucas Lattanzio composed the music for the teaser trailer, while Andrzej Ojczenas wrote the music at some of the levels in the game.

Govatos will showcase the demo at different festivals in 2017 if he is given a chance. Meanwhile. he is planning to release the game in Steam once Epitasis  is done. However, the release date will be announced once the developer determines how much work is needed to complete the game.

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