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Everything You Need To Know About The Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Release Date & More

Kingdom of Hearts 2.8


Everything You Need To Know About The Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Release Date & More

The Kingdom Hearts 2.8 release date is a matter of great speculation. The Japanese role playing game and Disney movies are set to be fused again. The game is one of the biggest success stories in the PS2 decades.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 has a tall order ahead of it. It has to be equally successful as the best selling game franchise owned by Square Enix. However, the series has been kept on hold for close to a decade.

Several spin-offs have arrived but these have not quite hit bull’s eye with contemporary gamers. VG 24/7 reports that Kingdom Hearts 2.8 has a huge role to play. This will pertain majorly to reviving the franchise.

More Details on the Prologue 

There is no exact date announced for the release of the latest version. However, sources are pointing towards an official launch sometime in 2017 itself. This pertains to the Kingdom Hearts 3 game.

Yet, the 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is grabbing the eyeballs now. This will be releasing first this year. The game was officially announced in September 2015.

This is nothing but an entire game package. This will help players restore their understanding of the entire Kingdom Hearts environment. The real attraction is re-mastered content straight from earlier spin-offs.

However, two new chapters will also be included as part of the game. These will directly lead to Kingdom Hearts 3 as per reports. But, this next update will be exclusively launched for the PS4.

More Exciting Offerings 

Wikipedia has also confirmed this prologue. This will contain Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD. This will also contain Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover. There will also be Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep- A Fragmentary Passage.

Once the 2.8 prologue is released, there will be another attraction in store for fans. The entire Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 content will be collected as a package. This will also be released for PS4 once again.

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