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Fallout 4 Mod: How To Use Cats To Run Radio Station

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Fallout 4 Mod: How To Use Cats To Run Radio Station

Fallout 4 is creating huge excitement amongst fans. A new yet bizarre mechanism for the functioning of a popular radio mod has been unearthed. A gamer has uncovered a major secret behind the popular Old World Radio Boston mod.

This is one of the most acclaimed audio mods in Fallout 4. More than 300,000 people have downloaded this mod till date. The creator already has a unique method for adding new radio stations to the game.

Music is continually played in real time which Fallout 4 players already know. However, it does seem odd that it stays in sync even when players change channels. Chris Boyd, a Twitter user, has uncovered the modder Brandoman’s secret.

What is this Secret? 

According to the Game Rant, the modder makes use of invisible cats for making this mod work seamlessly. These cats are deemed vital for smooth running of the radio station. The Old World Radio Boston switches tracks in real time. This happens even when players switch stations or turn off their radios.

However, to make this possible, an object has to be used. This has to be positioned in a way that ensures manual track shifting. Brandoman has already issued his clarification behind the usage of invisible cats.

He talks of how he spawns “an invisible, silenced cat 500 units behind the player”. This is done whenever any “inactive radio station switches tracks in the background”. The cat, in question, “acts like a settlement radio receiver”.

How It Works

Brandoman states that the role of the cat “is to keep alive the inactive radio station so it continues to the next track”. This then works out smoothly even if “you’re listening to another station”. He also clarifies that the “cat is invisible” and silenced. It also gets deleted after 3 seconds.

Several players also report bugs where the game spawns numerous invisible cats that do not vanish. Brandoman has fixed the problem in recent times as per Kotaku. This method is both ingenious and slightly odd. The game is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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