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Fallout 4 Fan Recreates Nature Documentary, Showcases Post-Apocalyptic Beauty

Fallout 4

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Fallout 4 Fan Recreates Nature Documentary, Showcases Post-Apocalyptic Beauty

Bethesda fans will surely know the thrill of exploring the publisher’s open world games. Fallout 4 is no different, and a fan shows why. This player has just recreated a popular BBC documentary in the game.

Fallout 4 is the fourth installment of the Fallout franchise. The game stars a customized character on a quest to find his or her father. Players have to explore post-apocalyptic Earth. However, gamers will also see the beauty of civilization after a nuclear blast.

Fans of Bethesda’s other popular open world Elder Scrolls franchise have already seen fantasy landscapes up close. However, it is a different thing entirely when the publisher recreated popular landmarks from Earth in a post-apocalyptic setting. If this YouTuber is any indication, then a desolate Earth does not appear so bad.

Fallout 4: The Beauty of Post-Apocalyptic Earth

This “parody” is courtesy of UpIsNotJump. In his YouTube video, he is seen parodying an episode of Planet Earth II. He even has a character modeled after English broadcaster David Attenborough as his narrator. This parody character is seen touring various spots on Earth.

The Fake Attenborough will take players on various kinds of landscapes found in the game. These include snowy mountains and beautiful forests. In fact, the videos zoom in well enough to help gamers see the depth of clarity in Bethesda’s assets.

Fans may want to watch through the entire thing, as Fake Attenborough makes a commentary on the mutant wildlife in the game. He does it akin to his descriptions in the actual documentary, which adds a humorous touch. Much of the content in the video is from the game’s Far Harbor update.

This means fans may more or less get a grasp of what the DLC (downloadable content) looks like. Additionally, the DLC focuses on Maine. In the original DLC’s story, the character will have to search for a young woman and find a colony of synthetic humans.

More Antics, Surprises

According to GameRant, this is far from UpIsNotJump’s first parody video. In fact, his channel is filled with parody videos based on the Fallout installment. One of his most popular videos is a recreation of scenes from Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty.

UpIsNotJump has over 40 videos of his various antics inside the Fallout game. Given that the title had a 2015 release, it seems UpIsNotJump may not be stopping anytime soon. However, it may be interesting to see if his channel will have parody videos by the time other Fallout games appear.

Players of the hit franchise are aware that at least six new Bethesda titles are on their way. One of them is a recreation of the aforementioned Fallout title into a virtual reality (VR) port.

Fans can see these landmarks for themselves by playing Fallout 4. The game is out for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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