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Fallout 4 Update: PS4 Pro Support & High-Res Texture Pack For PC

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Fallout 4 Update: PS4 Pro Support & High-Res Texture Pack For PC

Fallout 4 is creating a huge stir amongst gamers. This is because of a new update that is coming soon. This big Update 1.9 is going to change quite a few things about the game.

Fallout 4 is going to be more enjoyable for gamers next week. The Update 1.9 is launching for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One alike. There will be several new enhancements that promise to boost gameplay overall.

Fallout 4 promises to redefine playing experiences with this eagerly awaited update. Update 1.9 will get beefed up lighting and graphics for PlayStation 4 Pro. These features will include native 1440p resolution as well.

What Else to Expect

There will be beefed up draw distance for NPCs, trees, grass and other objects. There will also be godray effects with special enhancements as per Eurogamer. Update 1.9 is eagerly awaited and fans cannot wait to check it out.

Bethesda is also releasing another high resolution texture pack next week. This applies to the PC version of the game. Bethesda states that this free download is a “love letter to our amazing PC fans that have supported us.”

The company is also quick to highlight that fans have not just backed Fallout but many other games over “multiple decades.” For using this high resolution pack, a PC must have an extra 58 GB of space. There should also be a computer system with particular specifications.

What Specifications Do You Need?

These specifications include more than 8 GB of RAM, along with an Intel Core i7-5820K OS processor or higher. There should be Windows 7, 8 or 10. A 64 bit OS is mandatory in this regard.

There should also be the AMD Radeon RX 490 or GTX 1080. These specifications will enable PC users to enjoy this new pack. Bethesda also confirms a new update for Skyrim Special Edition.

This is also getting new features for mod content. Bethesda states that more information about this will be revealed next week. Polygon confirms all these enhancements with the latest Update 1.9.

Bethesda states that players should “give it a shot.” In case the new pack does not satisfy you, they can be disabled “within the game’s launcher menu.” Players can hence return pretty easily to the “original textures.”

Bethesda also teased a new update for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition as mentioned. New mod content features are also being brought in for Fallout 4. These upcoming features should be enough to keep fans intrigued until next week.

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