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Fan-Made The Last Guardian Map Shows Full Scale World Setting

The Last Guardian
Screengrab from PlayStation/YouTube


Fan-Made The Last Guardian Map Shows Full Scale World Setting

Fans of The Last Guardian will understand that the game will be taking place in quite a large overworld. Players will be tasked to explore a mysterious set of ruins. Although beautiful in itself, they have their own mysteries to behold.

There are towers and bodies of water that run for who knows how deep. The mysterious cat-bird-dog hybrids also roam free across the land.

Since there is barely any news about the game, it becomes difficult to assess just how large the overworld is. However, a recreation courtesy of Reddit may give a rough idea.

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The Last Guardian: Overworld Revealed

According to Redditor CandykillerArt, the overworld in itself is a large tower-esque complex. There are pillars almost everywhere, and everything is in ruins. With the help of Photoshop, the overworld was patched together in bits.

Players may also want to thank Redditor LYRAA3, who, according to Polygon, took time to label the area. Each part of the map was labelled with moments that occur in the game. Be warned as viewing the map may contain spoilers.

(Click on the image for a larger view)

The Last Guardian

Image Source: Reddit

This is the closest we have gotten so far to assessing the entire game. The Last Guardian, which took almost ten years in the making, had received good reception.

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Another Ueda Masterpiece

The game, developed by SIE Japan Studio and genDESIGN, is a tale of friendship and mystery. A young boy becomes friends with a creature named Trico.

The young boy will be able to control Trico by luring him with food in order to get to places. However, they must also avoid enemies along the way.

Avid fans of Fumito Ueda will recognize elements from games such as Ico, released in 2001, and Shadow of the Colossus, in 2005. The director used “design through subtraction,” something he also did with his previous games.

Players can grab a copy of the game to play in their PlayStation 4. The game remains a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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