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Fan Reveals What Could Be The First For Honor DLC Heroes

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Image source: For Honor Subreddit

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Fan Reveals What Could Be The First For Honor DLC Heroes

User Bones404 has just uploaded images of what could be the first two downloadable content (DLC) heroes of the game in the official subreddit of For Honor. The images revealed a Roman Centurion Soldier and a Ninja warrior who might hack and slash their way into the story.

These leaks show potential because of Ubisoft’s previous teasers about the upcoming DLC heroes of the game. Although, fans should not expect much as the developers have yet to confirm nor deny these images.

Both the Roman Centurion Soldier and the Ninja Warrior looked convincing since every aspect of them fit with the game. Each theme, art, and design styles matched with other heroes

Also, both the images of the leak have their physiques lineup with the shadows already found in the game. Furthermore, they share the same silhouettes as seen in the Season Pass image announced a few months ago.

The Roman Centurion Soldier is wearing heavy armor from head to toe, signifying that he might fall to the Knight category. Meanwhile, the Ninja Warrior is holding two kamas which might mean he would belong to the Samurai class.

For Honor: Ubisoft Plans to Release Six Heroes

It cannot be ruled out yet that the image leaked might just be great photoshop attempts since Ubisoft has remained quiet as to this matter. According to GameRant, before they release the game in February 2017, they announced that they would include six new heroes after its launch.

Ubisoft announced that they plan on adding characters by pair so this information further backs the two potential leaks. If they officially add the two in the game, they might arrive at the same time as the season of the Faction War.

This would prompt Ubisoft to share official supplementary details about the newest heroes before the end of this season. If the two would become official, it cannot be told beforehand what class the other heroes would fall unto.

For Honor: Currently Announced Heroes

According to Ubisoft, The game currently has three different classes, each with four playable characters to choose from. The classes include the Knights, the Samurais, and the Vikings, and each would have unique move sets that players have to master.

Falling under the Knights are the Wardens, the Conquerors, the Peacekeepers, and the Lawbringers. Meanwhile, the Samurais have the Kensei, the Shugoki, the Orochi, and the Nobushi. Last, the heroes of the Vikings include the Raiders, the Warlords, the Berserkers, and the Valkyries.

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