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Felicity Jones Nude Scenes Go Viral After Star Wars Rogue One Success

Felicity Jones nude
Image Source: Felicity Jones Facebook Account


Felicity Jones Nude Scenes Go Viral After Star Wars Rogue One Success

Star Wars Rogue One has taken the box office arena by storm. The success of the film was so massive that it spilled over in all the cast members especially its lead actress. It is the biggest break the British actress has ever gotten. Now that she is in the limelight, it was not long before Felicity Jones nude pictures surfaced.

Felicity Jones rise to success

It was expected for the movie to do great in tickets and sales by the mere fact that it is a Star Wars film. However, the amount of praises saying that it is the best one to date was a surprise. Although Felicity Jones was recognized and even nominated for her role in The Theory of Everything, it was not until Star Wars Rogue One did her name become famous.

Like all rising stars, the public wants to know what other projects Felicity Jones did in the past. In her 2011 movie Chalet Girl, it was Felicity Jones nude scenes and pictures that got the most attention. Her film with Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick did not do so well in the box office. However, considering that the film was searched thousands of times on the internet says that the movies’ earnings will continue to increase.

Felicity Jones nude

Image Source: Chalet Girl Facebook Account

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Felicity Jones nude picture where she was covering her private parts with large winter gloves had been reported and posted multiple times across the internet. The scene was after Jones enjoyed a naked dip in a hot tub with a group of friends, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

Rising stars and nudity

It is not only Felicity Jones nude pictures that are being widely searched now. According to Inquisitr, Megan Markle once appeared nude in an episode of Suits. The actress is in a public relationship with Prince Harry, which for the most part, has gotten her in the top list of most searched female.

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