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Final Fantasy 12 PS4: Zodiac Age Release Date, Price & Everything We Know

Final Fantasy 12
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Final Fantasy 12 PS4: Zodiac Age Release Date, Price & Everything We Know

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy 12 (FF12The Zodiac Age would come out for the PlayStation 4 on July 11, 2017. Developers revealed that FF12 would have two special editions: A Collector’s Edition and a Limited Edition.

The Final Fantasy 12 Collector’s Edition would have the complete bundle which includes the Judge Magisters mini bust set. According to the Square Enix Online Store, the US$200 set will contain all of the following items:

  • Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age game
  • Exclusive Judge Magisters Mini Bust Set, including busts of Judges Bergan, Drace, Gabranth, Ghis, and Zargabaath (Collector’s Edition Exclusive)
  • Soundtrack featuring music from Hitoshi Sakimoto
  • Steel book featuring art exclusive art to the Collector’s Edition
  • Set of Six Art Cards, featuring Vaan, Ashe, Basch, Fran & Balthier, Penelo and World of Ivalice
  • Digital code to unlock the original soundtrack background music option in-game

Meanwhile, the Final Fantasy 12 Limited Edition would cost cheaper than the Collector’s Edition for only US$50. It will contain the game, the exclusive steel book featuring artwork by Akihiko Yoshida, and the digital code to unlock the original soundtrack background music option in the game.

Remaster Of An 11-Year-Old Game

FF12 The Zodiac Age would feature a remaster of a game released on March 16, 2006. Considering the price for its Collector’s Edition, it is as expensive as the one included for Final Fantasy 15. The Final Fantasy 15 Collector’s Edition cost US$270 upon its release.

The remastered game will feature the war happening in the fictional world of Ivalice. Dalmasca, a small kingdom, was conquered by the Archadian Empire and was left in ruins and uncertainty.

FF12 The Zodiac Age will allow players to assume the roles of either Vaan, Ashe, Basch, Balthier, Fran, and Penelo. Vaan dreams of becoming a sky pirate even though he is an orphan of Rabanastre. Ashe is the determined princess of Dalmasca who devoted herself to the liberation of her country.

Basch is a disgraced knight of Dalmasca who was charged with treason after killing its king. Balthier is a sky pirate who will encounter Vaan while attempting to steal the Goddess’s Magicite.

Fran is Balthier’s partner and is a Viera exile who possesses knowledge about certain legends and myths. Last, Panelo is Vaan’s childhood friend who keeps on eye on him while joining him on his journey.

According to GameRant, the remastered game would have enhanced visuals and improved soundtrack. It will also contain a better version of the Zodiac Job system which rose this game into popularity before.

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