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Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age Release Date Set For July 11: Here’s What We Know

Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age


Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age Release Date Set For July 11: Here’s What We Know

PlayStation 2 classic Final Fantasy 12 will finally get a remaster in the form of Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age. The remastered version comes with its own set of new features updated for new consoles. Here is what fans should know.

Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age is the remastered version of the PlayStation 2 game. Originally released in 2006, it is the first Final Fantasy game to radically depart from the usual gaming formula of the series. The game, after all, first introduced active time gameplay.

This means gamers can finally actively engage in combat in real time. They can pause the active combat phase to issue commands for party members. Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age takes the same system and adds its own twists.

Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age: New Gameplay

According to Eurogamer, the remastered game will get a July 11, 2017 release. The game will not just be a remastered version, but will also have a new patch. It includes the Final Fnatasy 12 International Zodiac Job System. It was introduced in Japan but was never ported in the West.

The remastered version will be presenting a new approach to gameplay. According to a Polygon preview, an interview with game producer Hiroaki Kato elaborated the new gameplay. He emphasized that players felt seeing enemies beforehand before engaging with them was very unlike other Final Fantasy titles.

He explained that with the help of Square Enix game designer Hiroyuki Ito, the remastered version reworked the game’s balance system. Players can also use a Trial Mode to “practice” with their saved party. They can simply load their save files and fight through 100 “scenarios” of increasing difficulty.

This actually fully utilizes the game’s “gambit” system. The system allows players to set up routines that characters can use throughout encounters. The Trial Mode actually forces players to switch gambits every now and then.

New Job System

There is also something called the High Speed Mode. This is to compensate for the rather large open world of Final Fantasy 12. The new mode allows the party to walk faster by holding down a button. There is even a “guide” to ensure that the game automatically saves in between maps.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of the remake lies with the revamped Job System. The original game featured a “license board” for character growth. This allowed characters to use a wide variety of weapons and armor for more customization. However, since every character used the same board, growth remained the same for everyone.

Kato said the revamped game will have a “job” system. This includes everything from Archer to Knight. The new system allows players more options for customization for their characters.

Players can pre-order the game for $49.99 dollars on the Square Enix Online Store. The game will be launched in both Europe and North America for the PlayStation 4.

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