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Final Fantasy 14 Trials Of Bahamut Escape Room To Launch In 2017

Final Fantasy 14
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Final Fantasy 14 Trials Of Bahamut Escape Room To Launch In 2017

Final Fantasy 14 event is happening soon! An escape room based on the game will give players a chance to battle with its villains in the real world.

Final Fantasy 14 Trials Of Bahamut

Called Trials of Bahamut, the event involves six players tasked to solve puzzles. These puzzles will help them defeat the evil dragon in Final Fantasy 14 before the clock runs out. Scrap Entertainment revealed details of the event on the website as seen at the bottom of the page. Moreover, Final Fantasy 14: Trials of Bahamut will stop by a handful of cities, including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Orlando and New York.

Scrap Entertainment is the brains behind other escape room versions of popular games. Its most recent event is for The Legend of Zelda, which just opened up in San Francisco. Furthermore, the event will expand eastward throughout spring. The studio also brought the Zero Escape franchise, a video game version of the popular escape room entertainment genre.

Final Fantasy Valentine’s Day Event

Happy hearts day! Yes, especially to Final Fantasy fans. The official website teased that a Valentine’s day event will begin on February 2. The new happening ends on February 15. However, users who want to go first can talk to Lisette de Valentione in Gridania. Finishing her quests can unlock a variety of special items for players. Stop by at coordinates X:11, Y:13 at Limsa Lominsa in the Upper Decks to find the non-playable character (NPC).

Curious about Lisette de Valentione? She is the direct descendant of Countess Arabelle, the fairest in the land. Moreover, she is popular for her beauty. She arrives in the game once a year to celebrate Valentione’s Day. Be warned that the quests cannot be completed after the event has been finished.

In addition, players can gather event-related armor and costumes in the game. Some of the items are Valentione-themed aprons, hats, trousers, and mitts. They are all emblazoned with beautiful hearts, just in time for the event. Furthermore, there are items and accessories that provide small buffs and are mostly for beautification.

New Content

Meanwhile, Siliconera reported that a new event will contain lots of new content for its devoted players. Enjoy the upcoming cosmetic items and minions that will be rolled out soon. The items include the Angel of Mercy minion, a petite and cute companion.

Details of Trials Of Bahamut can be found here. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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