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Final Fantasy 15 Cast Noctis Was Inspired By Kurt Cobain

Final Fantasy 15
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Final Fantasy 15 Cast Noctis Was Inspired By Kurt Cobain

Final Fantasy 15 has made it a habit of bringing bits of real life into the game. Through its various games, Square Enix has made it a point to bridge reality with the gaming experience. In FF15, the hit game maker is expanding from the amalgamations of real cities to include its characters.

According to Final Fantasy 15 lead writer Dan Inoue, Noctis was supposed to be a generic RPG persona but in the end, they drew inspiration from a music phenomenon. Per Polygon, initially, they worked with a Japanese voice actor but got the idea to pattern the character against Nirvana star, Kurt Cobain.

Final Fantasy 15 Cast: Who Is Kurt Cobain?

Cobain was an American musician, artist, songwriter, and guitarist. The talented but troubled rocker formed grunge band Nirvana in 1987 and became of history’s biggest rock legends. Cobain quickly rose to fame and was herald as one of the best songwriters of his generation. With his rapid ascension to fame, the pressure and lack of control proved to be too much for the sensitive artist.

The performer began using heroin in the early 1990s as an escape and reportedly, relief of chronic stomach pains. The combination of drug use and personal problems eventually proved to be too much. In April 1994, Kurt, aged 24, committed suicide by firing a gun into his mouth, reported Biography.

Why Noctis Is Different

Speaking during the Game Developers Conference, Inoue delved into the lengthy process to bring about FF15. Their goal was to provide a fantasy game based on reality. The intensive process to simultaneously launch the game in 12 different languages meant they needed to be in close coordination with Square team members across the globe.

When it came to the characters, the writers of FF15 decided to break the mold and present a character with more depth. Inoue shared that he generally avoids basing characters on real people to give them an individual story and lifetime. However, they decided to break the rules with protagonist Prince Noctis.

He continued to explain that in their attempt to present a character that wasn’t your typical “emo role-playing lead,” Noctis was someone who struggled with his roles in life. With Cobain, they found a model – “a rockstar who spurns the spotlight,” described Polygon.

In addition to Cobain inspiring Noctis, US Gamer reports that John McClane and Ferris Bueller were inspirations for the Final Fantasy 15 main characters. Inoue revealed during his GDC 2017 talk that Ferris Bueller, James Bond, and Die Hard’s John McClane were the basis for cast Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio respectively.

The game FF15 is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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