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Final Fantasy 15 Cheats & Tips: How to Earn More Points, Stamina & More!

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Final Fantasy 15 Cheats & Tips: How to Earn More Points, Stamina & More!

With Final Fantasy 15 officially being released a few days ago, some of you might be rushing to beat the game. So far, there are no actual cheats or bugs that could be taken advantage of has been discovered. However, one could just try to exploit the legal game mechanics of the game to get by easier. So, just play smart and try to start with the basics.

Select your fighting style

As with any other RPG, one would mostly spend their time in combat. For anyone still unfamiliar or couldn’t keep up with the Final Fantasy’s ‘ATB’ (Active Time Battle) System, you could always select ‘Wait Mode’ in the options. This battle system is also similar to the much older Final Fantasy games. Once you get the hang of it feel free to switch into ATB anytime.

Keep on grinding!

This is already a basic practice with RPGs. Always grind to a high enough level, especially before confronting a powerful boss. Don’t worry too much about your expenses in potions and staying at an inn. You’ll also rack up Gil by grinding. Always make sure to sell those useless loot. Be aware that enemies rarely drop actual Gil here at Final Fantasy 15.

Don’t starve yourself!

One interesting aspect of Final Fantasy 15 is the food system. They aren’t just mere healing items in this iteration. Aside from looking realistically good, you’ll actually benefit from the nutrients from what you are eating in the form of stat gains.

Keep stock of MP recovery items!

Running out of MP is especially bad for your casters and healers. MP items are even more essential than HP items, especially with a healer at the party.

Ignis is the Aeris of this game:

Similar to Aeris in Final Fantasy 7, Ignis is best designated as your healer. His exclusive white mage spells makes him perfect for the role.

If you are still struggling with Final Fantasy 15, you could set the game in easy mode. But always remember, “Only kids play in Easy Mode!”

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