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Final Fantasy 15 DLC May Hint At Future Open-World Expansion

Final Fantasy 15
Image Source: Screengrab Fotm Hero/YouTube


Final Fantasy 15 DLC May Hint At Future Open-World Expansion

Final Fantasy 15 fans had been anticipating DLCs (downloadable content) of the game to have a grasp of something new in the gameplay. Recently, the game had a 1.03 update which resulted into a glitch. After that, many players showed videos of how they explored certain areas as a result of the glitch.

Huge Areas Now Accessible Due To Glitch

According to iDigital Times, portions of Nilfheim are now accessible after the update. This included a spacious land around Cartanica Station, Eusciello, which is the snowy area on the train. It also revealed the area where Prompto falls from the train and the portion called Pagla where Noctis is seen on top of a train while talking to Ignis on the phone.

Most part of the areas accessible through the glitch are flat and feature some details. Gamers are aware that there wouldn’t be much details if said part will not be accessible. But the unusual amount of polished details seen in the said world could be an indication of a future DLC.

YouTube user Fotm Hero posted a video showing areas that are normally not accessible. The video is an hour long which starts in Cartanica and started moving to Eusciello, Pagla, and Tenebrae. The clip’s description states that only Cartanica can fully load. Fotm Hero also added that he is looking for a way to glitch directly from Tenebrae or Gralea.

Final Fantasy 15 DLC Coming?

Said speculated DLC could open to a future open-world expansion. Seen in the glitch-accessible area are detailed trees, passing cars and others. It is still unclear why the huge unused areas are in the game but there is a possibility that it is indeed a foundation for a future DLC.

Aside from that glitch that teases an upcoming DLC, there is another glitch that allows the players to explore Insomnia faster. This can be done after the fight with the final boss. Instead of running or walking, the glitch will let players free-float into the world.

So, what do you think of this glitch? Do you agree about the theory that there will be a future new world through a new Final Fantasy 15 DLC?

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