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Final Fantasy 15 DLC: Backstory, Modes & More On Episode Gladiolus

Final Fantasy 15 DLC
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Final Fantasy 15 DLC: Backstory, Modes & More On Episode Gladiolus

Episode Gladiolus, the first major Final Fantasy 15 DLC (downloadable content) pack, is just around the corner. With its release set for a March 28 launch, Square Enix has now recently revealed more details on the upcoming expansion. More information shows what fans can expect from the bonus content, from new gameplay modes to what will be explored in the storyline.

Final Fantasy 15 DLC: Who Is Gladiolus?

For those still finding their footing in the game, Gladiolus Amicitia is one of the Final Fantasy 15 characters included in the player’s party. Storywise, he is a childhood friend of Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum, the main protagonist of the game. As a member of the Crownsguard–an elite group of soldiers carrying the responsibility of protecting the royal family of Lucis–Gladiolus also acts as Noctis’ shield.

Though not entirely playable in the main story of Final Fantasy 15 gameplay, players could issue commands to Gladiolus and coordinate co-opt moves between him and Noctis. In Episode Gladiolus, however, Gladiolus will now be the main playable character in the game.

Episode Gladiolus: What To Expect

Primarily, Episode Gladiolus will explore the game from Gladiolus’ point of view, particularly regarding the point in the story when the aforementioned character leaves the party. The DLC will also reveal more insights on Gladiolus’ friendship with Noctis and their dynamic with the rest of their companions.

Furthermore, new gameplay modes have been added to the DLC. These include Score Attack and Final Trial, which add a new dimension of replay value and a higher challenge level for players. Episode Gladiolus will also reveal a new area that players can explore, one that was previously inaccessible in the main game.

Special items can also be acquired upon completion of the DLC. Additionally, with Gladiolus being the main playable character of the expansion, battle gameplay will be substantially different as attacks will focus on the Valor and Rage systems.

Are you excited for the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 DLC? What are your thoughts on Episode Gladiolus? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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