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Final Fantasy 15 DLC: Pricing & Story Details On Gladiolus Pack

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Final Fantasy 15 DLC: Pricing & Story Details On Gladiolus Pack

Final Fantasy 15 is about to release one of its most-awaited downloadable content (DLC) packs. This time, it’s about Gladiolus, the bodyguard of Prince Noctis. Players curious about the stalwart guardian may finally get to know him better in this DLC.

Interestingly, this cements Final Fantasy 15 and Square Enix’s promise to let the game be as immersive as possible. Players have waited for the title to be released for more than a year, and Square Enix want this to be worth it. This makes the Gladiolus DLC one of the many more DLCs on the way to expand the game’s story.

However, fans ought to stay tuned on just what to expect with this Final Fantasy 15 DLC. This is because Square Enix did say each DLC will have its own unique “taste” for players to appreciate each character’s personality. In this case, Gladiolus is talking about brute strength.

Final Fantasy 15: Bodyguard Gladiolus

Perhaps the more interesting part of the DLC is how it expands Gladiolus as a character. The paragraph after this is a spoiler for the game’s potential story. Players reading this have been warned.

According to DualShockers, it seems the DLC will take place after the events of the game. Gladio leaves the group – or what’s left of it – after their encounter with the villain Ravus. He decides to train with Cor to become an even more powerful warrior. His quest seems to be that of self-discovery, as his many encounters will reveal more parts of his personality.

This implies that the game will be combat-oriented, as if to tease his fighting prowess. Fans will now be able to control him, at least for a while, before the arrival of the multiplayer expansion. This allows them to control his massive sword, and get to know how the big warrior fights.

More Details, Updates

Gladiolus Amicitia is the recent entry in the line of Amicitias that serve as the bodyguards of the Kings of Lucis. As an eldest son of his family, he feels obligated to protect Noctis. However, their bond extends from simply being a liege and a bodyguard.

Players and fans of the series may be delighted with his character because of his cheerful nature. He is an outdoors fan and likes camping. Interestingly, his fascination about fighting has made him an authority in fighting styles and techniques. However, he also tends to be a straightforward and imposing figure, as he always holds Noctis to high regard.

According to GameSpot, players can get this as part of the game’s DLC Pass for $25. Those who want to purchase the DLC separately can get it for $5, which is a worthy gamble. Square Enix also clarified that the other DLCs – such as Episode Ignis, Episode Prompto and the Comrades multiplayer expansion – can be bought separately as well.

Meanwhile, fans can also try and play the retro-themed FF15 game A King’s Tale. It will be soon available for free for everyone. Players can also check out a new PlayStation 4 Pro patch that adds new timed quests.

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