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Final Fantasy 15 DLC Release Dates Revealed – What To Expect

Final Fantasy 15


Final Fantasy 15 DLC Release Dates Revealed – What To Expect

Despite mixed reactions from fans, Square Enix appears determined to release its slate of downloadable content (DLC) for its newest game. This time, the date for an upcoming Final Fantasy 15 DLC has finally been revealed. However, is it worth it?

The new DLC news came alongside other announcements for Final Fantasy games. It appears the new slate of Final Fantasy 15 DLC coincides with the 30th anniversary of the franchise. Regardless, fans can get excited with the new content on the way.

Fans already have a vague idea of the Final Fantasy 15 DLC in store for them. In fact this was already teased by Square Enix developers. However, this is the first announcement of actual release dates for the DLC slated for the game.

Final Fantasy 15 DLC: Names, Dates

The new information on the DLC came from RPG Site, which collected data from the Japanese-only event. They revealed a special Booster Pack DLC that will be available on February 21. This allows the protagonists to wear special suits of armor.

The “pack” allows Noctis and his friends to wear Magitek Exosuits. These make them invincible for a short while. However, the suits also need half an hour to recharge. According to Game Rant, this can be a good way for players to use the New Game Plus mode of the game as they can try fighting stronger monsters. The Booster Pack is the first of six announced DLCs in the game, as enumerated in Siliconera.

The DLC 2, DLC 4 and DLC 5 are dedicated to expanding other main companions in the story. These are Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto respectively. The DLCs can hopefully flesh out the characters and our appreciation for their relationship with Noctis.

DLC 3 is the previously-released Holiday Pack. This had additional cosmetics for players. The last DLC is called the Expansion Pack. Not much is revealed about it, but fans speculate it fleshes some main points in the story’s plot.

Another DLC not in the list is named Companions. This allows players to team up with one another. The DLC will be the “embodiment” of the promised multiplayer feature of the game, as this allows four players to play as Noctis and his friends at once.

Players who want to experience the full glory of the DLCs can purchase a Season Pass of the game.

New Features, Content

Game director Hajime Tabata previously teased in US Gamer that the next batch of DLCs in the game will expand the story of the characters. This is a new move for Square Enix, as it is not known for updating single-player games. Despite mixed reactions from fans, they appear to be convinced with the move.

The upcoming New Game Plus update, for instance, will flesh out characters and the main storyline. This is after the ending of the game ended with quite the cliffhanger. This is especially the case for the “improved” Chapter 13 of the game.

The game had a few special events and releases so far. Its recent Moogle Chocobo Carnival event allowed players to celebrate the game’s classic mount-mascots. Chocobos are large chicken-like creatures that characters use as mounts in the main titles.

Final Fantasy 15 DLCRhenn Anthony Taguiam | Video Games Republic

A preview of the Magitek Armor for Final Fantasy 15’s Booster Pack DLC. Image from RPG Site.

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