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Final Fantasy 15 DLC: The Real Reason Why Ignis Episode Is Last

Final Fantasy 15


Final Fantasy 15 DLC: The Real Reason Why Ignis Episode Is Last

There is a deeper meaning to the order of downloadable content (DLC) of Final Fantasy 15. Square Enix unveils the answer to the mystery. It appears it all involves in the way the DLCs tie up with the flow of the main story.

Final Fantasy 15 has been one of the most-anticipated games of all time. After all, it took more than a decade to complete as it underwent a lot of changes. Regardless, it has been highly praised by players and fans of the franchise.

However, Final Fantasy 15 also breaks trends in the franchise as it now has its own set of DLCs as well. Aside from exclusive content, there is a separate slate of DLCs dedicated to the main cast. It appears tactician Ignis was chosen to be revealed last for a reason.

Final Fantasy 15 DLC: Ignis and the Story

The revelation came courtesy of a DualShockers interview with Hajime Tabata, director of the game. He was interviewed during a recent conversation at Square Enix’s headquarters in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The director revealed that the episode about Ignis has the largest impact to the overall story of the game, hence the reason it was chosen to be the last DLC slated for release.

Ignis Scientia can be remembered as one of the four companions of Prince Noctis. He was raised with the prince as his adviser. He is not directly playable within the game, however, which means the DLC is the first chance of players experiencing the character. In the game, Ignis’ eyesight will be permanently damaged throughout the course of the story, but will continue to fight regardless of his disability. Perhaps the DLC will explore his fate after Noctis leaves Ignis with Prompto and Gladiolus.

Tabata added that Episode Gladio was revealed as the first DLC in order to deliver a more enhanced version of the game’s battles. Interestingly, there is a reason why the DLCs appear to be Square Enix tinkering and experimenting with the game. It can be remembered that Tabata did reveal that the company is currently working technical experiments with the game as its development environment.

More Updates

On more news about the game, Tabata also revealed that FF 15 broke even a day after it was launched on November 29, 2016. This means all the development costs for the recent decade it took for the game to be finished was returned to the company in a single day. According to GameSpot, the game shipped five million copies of the game in its first day. This is a new record for the franchise.

It can be remembered that Tabata clarified that shipping ten million copies was the studio’s personal success goal. As of January, there are already six million copies shipped for the game. For a quick reference on the game’s road to success, it can be remembered that the game was revealed at E3 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and at E3 2013 as Final Fantasy XV.

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