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Final Fantasy 15 Glitch Reveals Unfinished Content In Game

Final Fantasy 15

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Final Fantasy 15 Glitch Reveals Unfinished Content In Game

A recent Final Fantasy 15 glitch has opened up a whole new world of unfinished content. This glitch reveals truckloads of scrapped content in the game. Fotm Hero is the YouTube user who has made all this possible.

Final Fantasy 15 is one of the most popular offerings from Square Enix. However, Fotm Hero effortlessly slid through all the barriers in the game. He has now discovered a huge environment within the game.

This environment is not used in the main Final Fantasy 15 game. This is what makes his discovery so appealing. The entire area itself is huge and the user has to spend at least one hour to cover the same.

What’s New Here? 

This environment is not populated with any items. Yet, there are buildings and towns which look quite complete to the eyes. Tweak Town reports that the game is still undergoing troubles with regard to development.

Finding this unused zone in such a huge size is not really surprising. This is because several plans of the company are not integrated into the main game. This mostly covers storyline content above all else.

As a result, the storyline is seemingly awkward and confusing for many. The developers are thought to have desired a second world. This was expected to be Niflheim as per reports.

However, these plans remained unfulfilled on account of the strict timelines for the launch. There are chances of the area now being featured in the game. This could only happen through the upcoming DLC packs.

Another Glitch That Came Up Recently

Segment Next also talks of a glitch discovered by YouTube user Caelum Rabanastre. Caelum discovered more of the Niflheim empire. He could easily break free of the map in the game’s second half.

There is now huge excitement surrounding the release of a new video by Caelum. He will reveal the details on tapping into this glitch. Open world sections can now be enjoyed by players through these glitches.

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