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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Fast EXP & AP, Unlock Flying Car & More

Final Fantasy 15
Image Source: Screen grab from @ffxv Instagram Account


Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Fast EXP & AP, Unlock Flying Car & More

Final Fantasy 15 is finally out after ten years! It is the most successful launch in the franchise’s long history, with 5 million copies sold to retail or purchased through digital downloads. Learn the tips to playing the game below.

After a very long and intense development period, the game features a sprawling open-world area with a lot of game play. There is going to be a number of questions, especially in an RPG of this scope.

In a review by VG 24/7, they provided an average Final Fantasy 15 player with all the details that they may need to know.

Final Fantasy 15 character progression is actually divided into two distinct segments. The first is levelling up, and the second is AP and the Ascension Menu. The latter is an important system to understand and correctly exploit to get the most out of the game.

Final Fantasy 15

Image Source: @FFXVEN Twitter Account

Fast EXP

FF 15  features all the experience and level-up based material expected in a big-budget and large-scale RPG as such. VG 24/7 gives tips for an interesting approach to how EXP works in the game.

Dig into some of the sidequest content. First, sidequests toss some enemies and it is important to turn the quests in. Second, sidequests offer hunts, giving much larger EXP on the death of the target, but only gives rewards and items when they are turned back in an NPC at a restaurant.

To locate side quests, look at the map and look for yellow question mark icons. A lot of quest-giving NPCs are located around towns and outposts, and those places are flooded with icons. Sometimes the question marks hide underneath icons but the types of icons on the map may be turned off.

Eating either Ignis’ cooking or in restaurants offers huge bonuses and additional EXP. Later in the game, these bonuses might prove vital to surviving in a dungeon or defeating a nasty boss.

There are foods in the game that can actively boost EXP. Here’s a list of given by VG 24/7, plus ingredients to cook  them with and where they are located.

  • Stacked Ham Sandwich: +50% EXP (and +200 HP) – Cooked by Ignis. Ingredients are Garula Sirloin, Fire Gighee Ham & Aegir Root.
  • Mother & Child Rice Bowl: +30% EXP (and +50% Drop Rate, +1000 HP) – Cooked by Ignis. Requires Chickatrice Egg, Birdbeast Egg, Saxham Rice.
  • Royal Banquet Canape: +50% EXP (and +75 to Strength/Magic) – Cooked by Ignis. Requires Arapaima Roe, Kettier Ginger and Allural Shallot.
  • Lasagne al Forno: +100 EXP (and +4000 HP) – Cooked by Ignis. Requires cooking level 9 and ingredients Jabberwock Sirloin, Cleigne Darkshell and Fine Cleigne Wheat.
  • Galdin Gratin: +10% EXP (and +50% Strength/Magic, +500 HP) – Mother of Pearl Restaurant @ Galdin Quay
  • Fat Chocobo Triple Decker: +50% EXP (and +400 HP) – Wiz Chocobo outpost after ‘A Feathery Feast’ sidequest
  • Fine Caviar Canape: +50% EXP (and +75 to Strength/Magic) – Maagho, Altissa.
  • Maagho Lasagna: +100 EXP (and +4000 HP) – Maagho, Altissa.

In addition, all EXP gained must be ‘banked’ by sleeping. This can either be by making camp or by staying in a hotel. The top accommodation is the Royal Suite in the Leville in Altissa for EXP bonus three times larger than usual. But this costs a whopping 30,000 gil per night.

Keep an eye on the EXP bonus offered by each area to stay in. Always try to save up EXP and bank it all in a place to get a nice bonus.

Final Fantasy 15

Image Source: Screen grab from @ffxv Instagram Account

Fast AP

The ascension menu is sorted into a variety of categories with each page containing skills which will either improve Noctis, his buddies, or the way they interact.

Earn AP by levelling up, finishing quests, answering in specific ways during conversation prompts, or by battling in a certain way. Go along with buddies’ suggestion before a battle to fulfill the objective.

VG 24/7 also suggests moves which include:

  • Defeating an enemy with a warp strike, blindside or parry. Doing this will be worth 1 AP per enemy. If there is an enemy with low health, smash Triangle/Y to hit them with a warp strike.
  • Camp and earn 1 AP. Move to another camp site from time to time to earn AP.
  • Complete Tours. Tours are side-quests that are little favors for buddies that will pop at random the morning after camping. They’re worth 20 AP each.

There are also a number of skills found in the Exploration section of ascension. This will give AP bonuses to complete certain actions like:

  • Armiger Action: This skill on the armiger page gives 1 AP every time the armiger is activated.
  • Armiger-Chain Reaction: This skill offers 1 AP every time the armiger chain is activated.
  • Magic Action: This skill gives 1 AP every time a spell is casted.
  • Roadrunning: 1 AP given for every 1 and a quarter miles driven in the car. This counts for when Ignis is driving for when the car can fly later on. But don’t travel fast.
  • Chocobump: 1 AP given every so often when riding a Chocobo.
  • Chocojockey: 1 AP each time a Chocobo race is won.
  • Angler Action: 1 AP for catching a fish.
  • Appetize: 1 AP for cooking a party member’s favorite food, marked on the cooking menu by SNES-era FF style sprite of them celebrating.

Let Ignis drive and go get a sandwich to earn 3 or 4 AP along the way.

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Unlock Flying Car

FF15 launched a flying car. It is an airship which takes the form of a flying car, the Regalia Type-F. The Regalia is present all the time during the game and may be upgraded. Its look may be changed to be a little cooler and then made into a full-on airship that can fly all around the Lucis portion of the game map.

Final Fantasy 15

Image Source: @FFXVEN Twitter Account

Complete the game to unlock the flying car with the following steps according to VG 24/7:

  • Finish off the main story to be placed back in time to the open-world segment of the game.
  • Call Umbra and have him go back to the past Lucis to get the regular Regalia.
  • Take down the three optional Nifelheim military bases: Fermouth Garrison (in Northen Leide), Aracheole Stronghold (Southeast of Lestallum) and Fort Vaullerey (Southwest of Old Lestallum). On the map they’re grey visible from the sky because they’re built out of concrete. Clear each base to unlock a new mysterious part for thecar.
  • Once all three parts are taken down, a quest titled Into Unknown Frontiers will trigger.
  • Speak to Cindy in Hammerhead and she’ll install the parts in the Regalia to make it fly.

The flying car can only be used in Lucis, while the other game areas not suited for it.

To fly the Type-F, hit circle to fly on the menu while driving. This will only be available on roads where a safe take-off can be initiated. Be careful when coming in to land because landing is prone to crash. Just take it to the skies and fly about first. Then start flying around the far reaches of Lucis. There is a hidden dungeon there that may be accessed only by flight. For additional fun, pop on the in-game radio.

The game also unveils one of its enemies which uses an “excitable, dancing cactus” called the Cactuars.

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