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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Beat The Game At Level 1 With No Items

Final Fantasy 15 Guide
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/RajmanGaming HD Account


Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Beat The Game At Level 1 With No Items

Ever tried finishing Final Fantasy 15 without any item at all and without even gaining one level? Well it is possible. You just need some determination, perseverance and this Final Fantasy 15 guide to teach you how to.

Final Fantasy 15 Guide

A YouTuber has finally mastered the art of Final Fantasy gaming. Here is the Final Fantasy 15 guide to help you master the no-level upgrade and no-item game play as well:

  1. Equip yourself with the nixperience band. This is an accessory which prevents the tallying of experience points (EXP) with which as a result, leveling up becomes hindered. But this device still allows players to gain EXP. You only need to equip yourself with this band when you camp or rest so that your EXP would continue to still be collected until you take the band off and take a rest. This is often used by players for a more challenging gameplay.
  2. Strategize your movements. Do a combination of Warp Strikes and Greatsword. Warp strikes are a special attack where an enemy is warped across the map to be attacked. Attack from behind to trigger Blindside attacks. Keep your enemies in front of you. Lock onto them, otherwise, you will end up warping forward in the direction you are currently moving towards, rather than towards the enemy. Greatswords have speed statistic and are stronger than the typical sword. However, these make the user slower because they are heavier. But, these are effective for slaying huge monsters.
  3. Know when to attack fast and when to fight slowly but surely. Attack with mighty speed in the Aranea Highwind fight.
  4. Find optimal strategies. Use Gladio’s Tempest to add an extra hit to your enemy. This attack is a level up to the normal Tempest. Again, seize the opportunity to get into an attack from behind in defeating bosses and enemies. Use Ignis’ Overwhelm technique which is a strong attack and causes a considerable amount of damage. Time your pauses to be able to slip through enemy hitboxes.
Final Fantasy 15 Guide

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Shirrako Account

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Other Details When Playing On Level One Without Items

The YouTuber who experimented on this mode took about 9 hours and 20 seconds to clear the main quest in Final Fantasy 15. He garnered over 260,000 EXP which he has never spent.

The time is better compared to the 40 to 50-hour gameplay in the main game excluding sidequests and extra content as given by game director Hajime Tabata in a livestream.

But if you want, you can also have the option to play the remaining 30 to 40 hours or so by choosing to fully play the game with a higher character level and utilizing all the items that you acquire during the journey.

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