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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Change Name & Color Of Chocobo

Final Fantasy XV
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Change Name & Color Of Chocobo

Final Fantasy 15 is one of the biggest, most popular and most played games in the world. Fans were beyond ecstatic with the mere announcement of its release date. Now that it’s out, gamers from around the world are glued to their consoles digesting its release and exploring the game.

Exploring the game with Chocobo

Riding a Chocobo in Final Fantasy 15 is probably the most logical and one of the fastest ways of exploring the game. It is a large Avian that does not fly. However, its lack of high altitude travel does not diminish their capability. As reported by Game n Guide, these creatures can glide and dash, jump high and swim.

It is better to ride a Chocobo than a car in some areas of the game. Gamers from around the world have different use of a Chocobo, including helping out in combat sometimes. But to most of the people, they are creatures that help adventurers explore the game better.

Final Fantasy 15

Image Source: Screen grab from @ffxv Facebook Account

How to unlock Chocobo

Players need to make a stop at the Alstor Coernix Station in the beginning of Chapter 3. Prompto will suggest the group to visit Chocobo Post before heading on to the city of Lestallum. Players will have to agree to initiate the “Friends of a Feather” quest despite the disapproval of some of the members of the group.

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Trail the signs while Ignis takes the group to the Chocobo Post. When in the post, the player will talk to Wiz and find out that Chocobo riding has ben canceled due to a threat of a dangerous creature preying on them, Deadeye. Wiz will not release any Chocobos until Deadeye is no longer a threat.

Start another conversation with Wiz and he will offer to disclose information, provide meal or provide hunts. Explore the hunts and accept A Behemoth Undertaking. Trail the quest location, search for Deadeye and defeat him. When done, go back to Wiz and claim the prize. The undertaking will give 1,500 EXP, access to the Rent-a-Bird service all around Eos and a Chocobo Whistle.

Personalized Chocobos

Players have the full access to customize individual Chocobo of each member. According to a report by Gamepur, there is an NPC at Wiz Chocobo with a green gear icon above her head. This is where players can name, select medals, color and other customizations that have been earned.

Enjoy riding a Chocobo around Final Fantasy 15!

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