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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Easily Acquire 1,500,000 XP

Final Fantasy 15 Guide


Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Easily Acquire 1,500,000 XP

Learn how to rack up loads of XP the legal way in this Final Fantasy 15 Guide. Just like in any Role Playing Game, acquiring huge amounts of Experience Points, or XP in Final Fantasy 15, could get quite tedious and consumes a huge amount of time. However, there are legal exploits without having to rely on hacks and cheats to acquire a huge amount of XP in the game. So forget about grinding to death just to level up. However, these methods could only be done at certain chapters in the game.

Chapter 8 (Up to 1,000,000 XP)

  1. Activate the Formouth Garrison quest.
  2. Make sure the party is at full health, bring along 2 empty Magic Flasks and make sure each element is 99.
  3. Eat lots of food for the buffs. The Lasane Al Forno is recommended.
  4. Enchant as many items as possible with Thunder spells. This is to ensure most Expericast spells reaches 99 potency.
  5. Head to Formouth Garrison and thoroughly explore the area and defeat the designated bosses.
  6. There is supposedly a secret boss in Formouth Garrison as mentioned in the Game N Guide website. Just head southeast in which would lead into an open area, leading into an encounter with a huge robot from an airship.
  7. Finally, make sure to check in at the Galdin Quay inn to double the XP obtained.

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Chapter 9 (Up to 1,500,000 XP)

  1. Ready at least 30,000 gil then head to Alitisia.
  2. In the Cleigne region, collect up to 24 rare coins.
  3. Using some elemental spells, craft Expericast. Make use of the rare coins.
  4. Purchase a Fat Chocobo Triple Decker in order to gain a 50% boost in XP. It could be bought at the Wiz Chocobo Outpost. ‘A Feathery Feast’ quest is required in order to buy some.
  5. For more additional XP, equip the Moogle charm.
  6. Go battle the Bandersnatch, ensuring all the Expericast made earlier used on it. The Bandersnatch is located north of Hammerhead, as mentioned in The Tech 52 website. Make sure to use up all magic in less than 10 minutes time.
  7. Finally, head to any inn for the bonus XP, HP, and even strength.

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