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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Fight And Beat Adamantoise

Final Fantasy 15
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Fight And Beat Adamantoise

Adamantoise is the toughest boss in Final Fantasy 15, but it’s actually possible to beat it within an hour. Adamantoise is literally the toughest boss to ever grace the entire Final Fantasy series. It’s been said that it would take an average of 72 hours to beat it! However, some say that the average is 15 hours, and that 72 hours is exaggerated, according to the TechnoBuffalo website.

For those who had finished the game and are wondering who Adamantoise is, it is a secret boss in the game. It is a tradition for every Final Fantasy game: a secret boss that is harder than the final boss.

How to challenge Adamantoise:

To fight the mighty turtle of FF15, it is mandatory to finish the game first. Unlike most super bosses back then, this one is only available in a post-game save.

Head to Lucis and expect a call from Cindy telling you to visit her garage. Head to Hammerhead, and you will then be sent to the Longwythe Rest Area. From there, speak with Dave the hunter. You’ll first undergo a quest, “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie”.

After completing that quest, Adamantoise would then awaken from its slumber. Head to the Hammerhead diner and look for Takka. Accept the “Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe” and you should be able to fight Adamantoise now.

Be warned that as soon as you accept the quest, you’ll be placed in battle immediately. So make sure you had saved first, stocked up on potions, and are fully prepared. Ready your breakfast and eat hearty. (Literally, eat a lot of in-game food to boost your stats.) For tonight, we dine on turtle soup!

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Let the battle begin!

Before you do battle with Adamantoise, make sure you are at least level 40. But the higher your level, the better. Check out these detailed tips posted at the Now Loading website.

The number of hours you could beat it depends on your level, set up, and player skill. But for player PowerPyx, beating Adamantoise only clocked up to an hour’s time.

Fighting Adamantoise in Final Fantasy 15 feels like fighting a mountain, literally. It’s really tough, but not impossible. Especially if you know what you are doing.

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