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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Permanently Add Aranea To Team

Final Fantasy 15 Guide
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Permanently Add Aranea To Team

Learn how to add Aranea to the party permanently in this Final Fantasy 15 Guide! It might be a bit of a spoiler for some, but Aranea joins the party as a guest. However, there is a way to add her to your party permanently.

Perhaps one of the biggest gripes a lot of players have in the latest iteration of Final Fantasy 15 is the all-male party, excluding guest party members Iris and Aranea. With still no signs of the rumored DLC pack, this is perhaps the best solution to your sausage party problems.

About Aranea

Aranea could be somewhat be compared to Beatrix of Final Fantasy 9 in terms of role, and how she functions as a guest. Aranea is definitely a worthwhile addition to the party, even as a guest. She could be classified as a Lancer or Dragoon, although she has a healing skill that could heal the party.

Players should take note however, that having her permanently in the party is actually a glitch, and not really a legal way so it wouldn’t affect the actual storyline. While really strong, since it is a glitch, the downside is that her level would stay the same when she joins. On the bright side, she is immortal now and would never ever be knocked out.

Aranea would also not be present in the party anymore once the story mode of the game is finished. This has been confirmed in the iTech Post website.

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How to recruit Aranea to your party permanently

After chapter 7, make sure to rest at the Cotisse Haven. It is also recommended to take the raindrops hunt to be able to fast forward to night time. First of all, teleport to the Cotisse Haven to ensure that you would be teleported there.

At exactly midnight, make sure to be on your way to a big wall with a red fence. Daemons would then show up — engage with them but escape afterwards instead of fighting. Teleport again to Cotisse Haven and don’t press camp, but interact with camp immediately.

The cutscene where Aranea would then jump from the airship take place. She’ll then end up camping with the team as soon as she speaks. Finally, reload from the camping autosave and congratulations, you now have Aranea permanently in the party!

As a final warning, be prepared to not to be able to use the fishing feature anymore when Aranea permanently joins, as mentioned in Game Rant.

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