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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Hunting Tips & How To Raise Hunter Rank

Final Fantasy 15 Guide
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Hunting Tips & How To Raise Hunter Rank

Bounty Hunts are available for Noctis and his group in Final Fantasy 15. Get money and items by defeating monsters in Bounty Hunts. Some of these hunts are challenging and several cannot be started until Noctis reaches the succeeding Hunter Rank. Here is a Final Fantasy 15 Guide to raise Hunter Ranks.

Hunting Tips

The side quests in this game entails the player to trail down a monster and hunt it down. Activate these side quests by talking to tipsters who own restaurants, eateries, and diners in the Final Fantasy 15 dimension.

GameNGuide gives the following tips:

  1. Try to use Astrals for the strongest enemies.
  2. Always bring healing items like antidotes and healing potions.
  3. Constantly rest and eat meals to boost stat prior to the hunt.
  4. Use Finishers as much as possible to sever stagger and appendages, says, GameFaq as cited by GameNGuide.

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A Final Fantasy 15 Guide advises that magic is incredibly powerful in the game so it is a must to craft powerful spells to remove hunts. The player is also reminded to constantly go for a hunt equivalent to or a bit above the player’s Character Level. Use element-imbued weapons and Ignis’ Enhancement to benefit from opponent’s weaknesses.

Final Fantasy 15 Guide

Image Source: Screengrab from Gamer’s Little Playground Youtube account

Before the battle, fill the tech bar by staying outside the battle boundary and then begin the battle. Make sure to use CC to remove the group of enemies using Greatsword AOE or numerous AOE spells. Only one hunt can be tracked at a time. Once completed, the hunt can be turned in at any tipster. Pay attention to the suggested Character Level in every hunt in the game.

How to Raise Hunter Rank

Noctis is required to earn stars by finishing bounties in order to raise Hunter Rank. Each rank requires a variety of number of stars to move to the next rank. Rewards are earned upon reaching that subsequent rank, says IGN as cited in GameNGuide.

In this Final Fantasy 15 Guide, GameNGuide claimed that the more challenging the bounty, the higher the number of stars are earned. The specific number of stars earned increases the Hunter Rank. Every player starts at Hunter Rank 1. This increases along with the number of hunts accomplished by the player.

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