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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Locations To Visit For Best Game Experience

Final Fantasy 15 Guide

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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Locations To Visit For Best Game Experience

There is more to Final Fantasy than just checking every nook and cranny with Noctis. The game is graphically stunning, that players can’t help but stare in awe at the breathtaking scenery. Here is a Final Fantasy 15 guide to the best scenic spots in the game.


Insomnia heads this Final Fantasy 15 guide to the best scenic spots. The capital of Lucis, Square Enix modeled the streets of Insomnia with the distinct features of the Shinjuku district in Tokyo. Even more, Japanese gamers will see the resemblance of the citadel to that of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. The establishment is near the head office of Square Enix, Final Fantasy games developer.

Cape Caem

Who can forget Cape Caem? The breathtaking location is included in this Final Fantasy 15 guide due to its lighthouse. Furthermore, the place featured a ship that Noctis and the Light Warriors use to embark on another adventure to Altissia.

Trek the steps to the run-down house, where the characters can rest and relax for free. While the food is very much within reach, because the gang can pick their desired produce in the vegetable garden.

Galdin Quay

Looking for a Caribbean-like environment to kill beasts and gain skill? Head to Galdin Quay! The palm trees, and blue sea surrounds the area of the calm and peaceful resort. The gang can rest and reward themselves after a hard day’s work of fighting dragons.


Next, any game would love to add Venice to their pool of inspirations while designing the game. Altissia is surrounded by fascinating gondolas floating on its peaceful water channels. Furthermore, Altissia is reminiscent of the famous city in Italy. It has restaurants, markets, cafe, and a nice park that gamers can explore. Unique unplayable characters roam the streets, who provide plenty of interaction with the main characters.


Last but not the least is Lestallum. The developers channeled Cuba in designing this location in the video game. Compared to Cuba, this Final Fantasy 15 city thanks the meteor’s energy for its prosperous nature. It has buildings, people, and traffic on the streets just like other urban cities.

Pop the video game to an entertainment system again and visit all these scenic spots… all for free! Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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