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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: New Glitch Allows Access To Open World Niflheim Empire

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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: New Glitch Allows Access To Open World Niflheim Empire

This Final Fantasy 15 Guide will help you know more about a new glitch. This new glitch reportedly enables users to open the World Niflheim Empire. The glitch in question was discovered suddenly by a YouTube user.

The Final Fantasy 15 Guide helps you find out more about this glitch and explore it. This glitch enables exploration of the open world in the game’s second half. This is a whole second open world that is waiting to be traversed.

Final Fantasy 15 Guide updates talk of how the game is an open world happening in Lucis. The second half takes game play into a progression which is considered more linear. This is held on the Niflheim continent.

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Who Discovered The Glitch?

Game Rant reports that Caelum Rabanastre XII/XV is the YouTube user who discovered this amazing glitch. This enables players to wade out of the regular limits of the map in the Niflheim period. This helps you explore and walk through another continent altogether.

Caelum has not provided exact details on finding his way out of the map. However, he has reportedly tapped into the same glitch previously in the Lucis segment as well. He had used the Noctis’ Warp Strike attack for specific map zones.

What Other Players Can Do 

He may have possessed a similar strategy when he came to the Niflheim section. However, players will not have to undergo major difficulties. Caelum has promised to put up a new video. This video will illustrate exactly how he managed to get out of the map’s confines.

As per Gear Nuke, Niflheim promises tons of empty fields with good detailing. There are not many attractions available or other interesting locations. However, this does hint at Square Enix possibly having future plans for the game.

This new glitch may be fixed sometime soon by the company. However, it may also be the subject of upcoming DLC story expansion packs.

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