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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Plot Mysteries Solved In ‘Ultimania’ Books

Final Fantasy 15 Guide
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Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Plot Mysteries Solved In ‘Ultimania’ Books

The two Final Fantasy 15 Ultimania guide books were released yesterday in Japan. These books hold the key to some plot mysteries and holes in the game. Here is a Final Fantasy 15 guide to learn more about the backstory and to make more sense on the elaborate storyline of one of the most popular video games ever made.

Final Fantasy 15 roots

Special thanks to Mognetcentral forum user xXShuyaXx for providing what director Hajime Tabata said about the changes that were made to the story of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Based from what the director shared, however, many components of the original plot were still carried over to Final Fantasy 15.

Tabata said that Final Fantasy Versus XIII along with Final Fantasy XIII were both based on the story of the Goddess in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. As the next gen hardware was developed and the title was changed to Final Fantasy 15, its development went through an overhaul.

As reported by Dual Shockers, because it became a new numbered title to the Final Fantasy series, the content of the game was reexamined. One of the main things that changed was the heroine’s position in the story. This resulted to the introduction of new heroine character, Luna.

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There are other elements in the story that was changed and removed but for the most part, the Final Fantasy Versus XIII elements remained.

A Tumblr user named Superespresso also shared some translations from the Final Fantasy 15 guide books that were recently released. It shed light on some characters that appeared and was supposed to appear.

One such character was the blond Brigadier General that appeared early on was Loqi Tummelt, as reported by iDigital Times. He has an intense hate against Cor Leonis because of past run-ins.

Verstael Besithia is the one in charge of the Nifelheim empire’s research laboratory. He used the information provided by Ardyn to successfully mass produce magitek soldiers. He also happens to be Prompto’s real father. The Argentum name was from his adoptive parents from Lucis.

As for the character that was supposed to appear, it was an Imperial General named Safay Roth. Unfortunately, the character was cut during development. A trace of him remained, however, in the SAF lettering written on the Imperial Army’s landing boats.

For those who have played and finished the game, the ending was apparently left purposely vague. It was intended to be up to the player’s interpretation of what really happened.

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